Comedian turned late-night host Stephen Colbert wasn’t joking Tuesday night when he actually proposed that we let children run the government. After blasting Senator Marco Rubio’s dismissal that gun bans weren’t effective, the CBS Late Show host praised the teen activists for giving him “hope” that change would happen. “Until we do something about guns, you can’t vote if you’re over 18,” Colbert gushed.

Stephen Colbert’s constant drumbeat of lefty comedy has another goal according to the Late Night host. The same guy who has repeatedly compared Donald Trump to the Nazis appeared on Friday’s CBS This Morning and lectured, “But as my mom used to say, ‘You can't laugh and be afraid at the same time.’” 

Nikki Haley didn’t complain about the liberal lectures during the recent Golden Globe Awards. Nor did the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. whine about the SAG Awards or last year’s Academy Awards gala. Each event dripped with progressive politics. Haley remained silent. She doesn’t engage with liberal stars like her boss, President Donald Trump, frequently does.

“Resistance” leader of late-night television, CBS’s Stephen Colbert, doesn’t even pretend that his show is only catered to the country’s most die-hard liberals at this point. On his January 15 show, he invited Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on as his guest, to basically parrot what he does every night on his show: mock Trump and slam the right as racists who only care about the wealthy.

Editor's note: This post contains explicit language. At the top of his Thursday monologue on The Late Show, far-left comedian Stephen Colbert appeared to insinuate that African countries, El Salvador, and Haiti aren’t “shithole countries” as alleged by President Trump but the United States of America is the real “shithole” since Trump’s our President.

In an interview with Trump-bashing author Michael Wolff on Monday’s CBS Late Show, aired early Tuesday morning, even left-wing comedian Stephen Colbert was skeptical of the truthfulness of the unsubstantiated tell-all book. The late-night host urged Wolff to release tape recordings of his discussions with White House staffers to address credibility problems.

Ever since liberal late-night talk-show personality David Letterman hosted his final episode of Late Night on the CBS network on May 20, 2015, he has made several appearances at other events, including the climate change documentary show Years of Living Dangerously as one of the program’s celebrity correspondents.

While most of the media recoils at being called “fake news” by President Trump, CBS’s late night comedian Stephen Colbert begged the president to let him be called the “most dishonest” and “most corrupt” member of the media, on his show Wednesday night.

CNN contributor Van Jones appeared on CBS’s The Late Show with anti-Trump “resistance” host Stephen Colbert Tuesday night, so naturally the president’s hostile relationship with the "Facts First" network came up.

La alcaldesa Carmen Yulín Cruz de San Juan, la nueva querendona de los medios, se entrevistó con Stephen Colbert como parte de su más reciente tour mediático nacional. Y de paso, llevó a Colbert a ayudarla a propagar “fake news”- específicamente, una imagen “icónica” que parece haber sido montada, y que cuenta un relato completamente distinto e ignorado hasta ahora por los medios noticiosos.

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz, the liberal media’s newest darling, sat down with Stephen Colbert during her latest national media tour. And in the process, she led Colbert into spreading some fake news - namely, an “ïconic” image that turns out to have been staged, and that has a wholly different story behind it that to date has gone unacknowledged by the media.

CNN is still proudly touting the media’s “resistance” against President Trump, despite it being over a year since he was elected into office.