NBC and ABC barely covered the possible corruption case against Democratic Senator Robert Menendez on their Friday evening newscasts. Together, the two networks set aside 49 seconds of air time to news briefs on Senator Menendez being "the subject of a corruption investigation over jet trips he took on the private plane of a Florida eye doctor," as Lester Holt put it on NBC Nightly News.

On Wednesday night, liberal networks MSNBC and Telemundo teamed up to present a town hall on illegal immigration that featured President Barack Obama before a friendly auditorium of supporters and taking questions that ranged from softballs to ones from the far left that implored him to further expand his amnesty. The event was moderated by Jose Diaz-Balart, who serves as the anchor of both MSNBC’s The Rundown and Telemundo’s Noticiero Telemundo. From the start, it was clear that he was also on stage to play the role of advocate.

Early Tuesday morning, the terrorist group ISIS entered a village in northeastern Syrian and kidnapped droves of Christians with estimates ranging from 70 to as many as 150 people. For viewers that tuned into English-language network NBC and Spanish-language networks Telemundo and Univision for their Tuesday evening newscasts, however, they were left completely in the dark on this story as it received not a single mention. 

Cuando los medios periodísticos hacen mucho ruido y ofrecen poco en cuanto a los hechos concretos, la desinformación encuentra terreno fértil.

El juez federal Andrew Hanen recientemente emitió una orden de suspensión provisional que paraliza la implementación del programa de Acción Diferida para Padres de Hijos Nacidos en Estados Unidos o Residentes Permanentes (DAPA, por sus siglas en inglés).

El programa Al Punto con Jorge Ramos, por Univisión, invitó recientemente a una joven figura de pensamiento libertario que viene cobrado cada vez mayor relevancia entre los hispanohablantes, particularmente a raíz de un poderoso mensaje que se volvió viral en las redes sociales. Se trata de la guatemalteca Gloria Álvarez, quien habló ante el primer Parlamento Iberoamericano de la Juventud, en España, denunciando un flagelo al que ella describe como el «populismo» que asola a Hispanoamérica.

El Noticiero Telemundo presentó recientemente un reportaje acerca del impacto que se espera que tenga en la economía la reciente acción ejecutiva del presidente Obama en beneficio de millones de inmigrantes que residen en el país sin autorización. Podría decirse que el reportaje se divide en dos partes:

Fusion/Univision anchor Jorge Ramos interviewed President Obama on Tuesdayand spent the interview flaunting his liberal beliefs by constantly hitting the President from the far left on a wide range of issues, including race.

After discussing the release of the so-called CIA “torture” report by Senate Democrats,  President Obama was asked if he got “angry with” the belief that “many people expected you, probably, to do more on race relations, dealing with white privilege.”

On Wednesday night, CBS and NBC promoted the White House talking point that previous presidential actions on immigration gives President Barack Obama the proper legal authority to enact executive amnesty the evening before a primetime address to the nation on the topic. 

At no point during the coverage on either network did their reporters mention that this justification is being used despite the President’s previous assertions that he did not have the proper legal means to carry out any sort of mass-reaching executive order on illegal immigration. 

En su reciente cobertura de un discurso que el papa Francisco ofreció ante la Pontificia Academia de las Ciencias, el Noticiero Univisión hizo ver como si el Santo Padre fuese el primer papa en la historia que toma en serio la ciencia.

On Wednesday night, ABC News continued to promote a new book with the “astonishing” claim that Jesus Christ married Mary Magdalene and had two children together with a flattering one-and-a-half minute segment on ABC’s World News Tonight with David Muir.

Anchor David Muir began by stating that it “has sparked a fiery debate among the faithful” while ABC News chief foreign correspondent Terry Moran characterized the book’s central premise as an “astonishing and, to many, blasphemous claim” that “Jesus married Mary Magdalene and had two sons with her, is history.”

On Friday, the group American Commitment uploaded a video to YouTube of ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber telling a group of healthcare economists in 2013 that the “lack of transparency” regarding the bill’s contents and “the stupidity of the American voter” were critical to its passage through Congress in 2010.

Since the video was uploaded, the major English and Spanish broadcast networks of ABC, CBS, NBC, Univision, and Telemundo have chosen not to cover this devastating video on either their morning or evening newscasts. During the day on Monday alone, Gruber’s comments were covered on cable news channels CNN and the Fox News Channel (FNC) in addition to news sites ranging from The Daily Signal to Forbes to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Univisión sigue con su larga y notoria historia de mostrar a los conservadores pro seguridad fronteriza bajo una luz desfavorable, sin importarles la solidez de sus propuestas, o el raciocinio en el cual se fundamentan. Uno de los ejemplos más recientes fue la cobertura que le dio Noticiero Univisión al debate entre candidatos por el escaño abierto de la Cámara de Representantes para el norte de Virginia.