The War Against Conservative Opinion (WACO) took an interesting turn on Saturday when liberal bloggers blamed right-leaning media members -- in particular, Fox News's Glenn Beck -- for the shooting deaths of three police officers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Since then, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann and David Shuster have echoed this insanity on the air, as has CNN's Rick Sanchez who also pointed fingers at Fox News's Sean Hannity.

As my colleague Jeff Poor reported, this was Olbermann's rant during Tuesday's "Worst Person in the World" segment:

[UPDATE, 6:45PM ET: For those who only lightly skimmed or otherwise did not notice earlier, this is an April Fools Day edition of Notable Quotables. All of the quotes were made up by various MRC staffers. I hope you enjoyed the parody.]

For those of you who enjoy reading MRC’s Notable Quotables newsletter, featuring the most outrageous (and sometimes humorous) quotes in the liberal media, our latest edition has just been put online. The full text, with five matching videos, can be found at; here are a few of the highlights from this issue:

An ‘A’ for America's Passenger-in-Chief

Co-host Diane Sawyer: "As we said, President Obama is in London today, his first trip to Europe since becoming President. ABC's George Stephanopoulos has been watching all of this, and is here with his report card...."
George Stephanopoulos: "Barack Obama arrived at the G-20 summit just hours ago, too soon for a real assessment of his diplomacy. But, Diane, the flight over the Atlantic was just spectacular. Our pool correspondent tells us there was very little turbulence, the food was delicious, and the view of London on the approach was magnificent. So, I'm giving the President an ‘A' for this trip — if he can keep this up over the next couple of days, it's going to be a very successful summit." — ABC's Good Morning America, April 1.

Raspy left-wing talk show host Lionel (no surnames needed) hailed fellow leftist Bill Maher Friday on the Huffington Post with an article titled "God Bless Bill Maher." Lionel says he should win, without any challenge, "the award for best critical thinking by a television news commentator." (He quickly st

Fox New's Glenn Beck is increasing "the chance for people to take horrible action" on President Obama.

So said HBO's Bill Maher Friday evening in a lengthy discussion about FNC's new primetime star.

I guess Maher missed the hypocrisy concerning his disturbingly caustic views of the Bush administration while they were in power, in particular his expression of regret that the March 2007 assassination of Vice President Dick Cheney failed. 

Possibly even more delicious was that sitting to Maher's left was MSNBC's Keith Olbermann who himself has made an almost endless number of personal attacks on members of the Bush administration during his tenure on "Countdown."

Alas, Maher seemed oblivious to all this seemingly obvious irony (video embedded below the fold courtesy our friend Ms Underestimated):

CBS merely brushed off the controversy that upset many members of the Mormon Church when interviewing HBO’s “Big Love” star Bill Paxton on March 16, 2009.

The TV series about a Mormon polygamist has not surprisingly gotten plenty of attention in its three years on air. This time, however, “Big Love” is causing trouble because the March 15 episode showed a highly sacred Mormon temple ceremony. CBS’s The Early Show host Chris Wragge mentioned the controversy during an interview with gave to Paxton:

WRAGGE: Yeah, I want to talk a little bit about last night's episode. There was some controversy there. The show depicted, uh, I guess one of the secret elements of the Mormon Church, an endowment ceremony which is not something that's been widely publicized. A lot of people don't know about it … Bill, I know you weren't in the scene. HBO had issued a preemptive apology. Obviously the episode still aired, but it caused a little controversy. As an actor, with something like this when you're on such sensitive territory, how, I mean, you really have to stay right on script here. There's not a lot of variation you can take or any creative liberties, but how tough was a scene like that?

As NewsBusters previously reported, conservative Internet entrepreneur Andrew Breitbart went into the belly of the liberal beast Friday evening by appearing on HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher."

Although he was treated abysmally by the host, his co-panelist, and the audience, Breitbart stated in Monday's Washington Times column that he had the time of his life.

More importantly, he strongly made the case concerning why conservatives must stop avoiding encounters with shameless, liberal media members such as Maher, Jon Stewart, and even the good ladies of "The View" and instead "take [them] on head-on" (h/t Hot Air):

Alexandra Pelosi's HBO documentary, Right America: Feeling Wronged -- Some Voices from the Campaign Trail, certainly caricatured McCain-Palin voters as a bunch of redneck racists, but it also showed how conservatives see the media as the enemy, and featured a short clip of a fun Hank Williams Jr. song take-off against the “left wing liberal media.”  

In the 45-minute production, which will re-run several times over the next week or so (HBO's schedule for it), Pelosi showed a snippet of Hank Williams Jr. singing these lyrics at a McCain-Palin rally in Ft. Wayne, Indiana:
The left wing liberal media have always been a real close-knit family.

But most of the American people don't believe them anyway, you see.

On the 2009 debut of his HBO show Real Time on Friday night, Bill Maher proposed his new solution for the economic crisis: legalize marijuana. In an interview with Rep. Ron Paul, he lectured: "When FDR came into office in '33, one of the first things he did was repeal Prohibition. He said we can’t afford this any more."

The Alexandra Pelosi (daughter of Nancy) documentary, "Right America: Feeling Wronged," premiered on HBO last night. One word perfectly describes it: "tedious." Over and over and over again, Pelosi tries to hammer home the point that conservatives are angry because they just don't know what is best for them. And what is best is least in Pelosi's opinion. Overall, her documentary offers very little insight except for the fact that Pelosi thinks socialism is misunderstood by the "unenlightened" yahoos. However, a Salon.Com interview with her about the documentary reveals quite a lot of insight into the incredible elitism of one Alexandra Pelosi and it's not a pretty sight. So suspend your gag reflexes as Pelosi the Younger puts her elitism on display. First off she blames blogs for much of the current political climate (meaning angry conservatives from the Pelosi POV):

I think that the blogs have poisoned the political atmosphere in such a way that I never saw this kind of anger and hatred in 2000. In 2008, I was impressed by how angry it got. But you know elections have gotten nasty. I do think that blogs have really given people a place to, I don't know, maybe it's therapeutic for them. But it’s really gotten them fired up in a way. They talk to each other online and then they get worked up and then they go meet each other at rallies. And I just feel like the Internet has really changed the climate at the political rallies. Because I remember the Bush rallies as being fun. But you know, a lot's happened. 9/11 and all that poisoning the well. The whole partisan Bush years and the war poisoned the well. A lot of other things contributed. You can't just blame the blogs.

With HBO now showing “We Are One: The Obama Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial” (to be re-run from 7-9 PM EST/PST tonight and again at 11:30 PM EST/PST), featuring a “who's who” of artists, I thought I'd provide my list of one hundred celebrities planning to celebrate Obama's inauguration over the next few days in DC.

I've collated the list of people and groups -- those scheduled to perform, appear at an event or ball or listed on a host committee (many will participate in more than one event) -- from a bunch sources, starting with the AP's Thursday article, “Hollywood on the Potomac: Where the stars will be.” I supplemented that with the's “Party Central” and its The Sleuth blog,'s entertainment blog and's The Scoop blog. Those with an * are taking part in the Lincoln Memorial event, the rights to which HBO paid the inaugural committee $2.5 million.

Jessica Alba
Marc Anthony
Patricia Arquette
Joan Baez
Angela Bassett

HBO not only bought the rights to broadcast Obama-hallowing Inauguration events. Patrick Healy of The New York Times reported on Wednesday it’s also bankrolling Will Ferrell’s one-man Broadway stage show mocking George W. Bush called "You’re Welcome, America" over the next few months. (They’ll also air it on HBO in March.)

Ferrell talked to the Times about Bush’s election in 2000: "It was just the craziest thing in modern political history," Mr. Ferrell said, "and then the crazy stuff kept going for eight years. Most administrations have a domestic problem, an overseas problem. Ethics. But these guys covered it all."

Ferrell’s writing partner Adam McKay was blunter about the Bush-bashing show’s overarching theme: "It really gets to the question of how Americans covered their eyes and ears for the last eight years, how cowed the media was. I think America got caught at its fattest and laziest, and I say that as someone who is fat and can be lazy."

You know someone's ultraliberal when they insist the liberal media was so "cowed" by Bush. Ferrell also declared he hasn’t met Bush, so his portrayal can be unbiased:

HBO will air the star-studded inaugural event from the Lincoln Memorial on Sunday which includes such headliners as Beyonce, U2, Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp, Usher, Shakira, and Sheryl Crow.

Although this cable network is only available for a monthly fee to subscribers, Sunday's celebration will be free to anyone that wants to watch.

HBO also aired this event in 1993 when President Bill Clinton was first inaugurated. For some reason, the cable network skipped it in 2001 when George W. Bush was moving to Washington, D.C., as reported by the Associated Press: