On the July 8 edition of Fox News’s Hannity, Geraldo Rivera and the host battled over immigration in the aftermath of the death of San Francisco Kate Steinle at the hands of an illegal immigrant. Geraldo insisted repeatedly that “these monstrous criminals” have virtually nothing in common with “the vast majority of undocumented immigrants.” 

Hannity conceded that point and argued, “that’s not the issue.” The Fox News personality tried to make the point that these crimes would not happen if America had effective border security. He added: “[H]ere’s the problem. Even if we do deport them, they come back. You know why they can get back? Because we don't secure the border...He went to San Francisco because it's a sanctuary city and America under Obama has become a sanctuary country.”

On the June 24 edition of Hannity, National Review’s Mark Steyn was invited to the program to discuss the notion in much of the media that the Confederate flag is a Republican problem. Steyn slammed the history of the Democratic Party as one filled with hate: “The Democratic Party was the largest and most powerful institution supporting slavery in the English speaking world.”

The liberal media spend an inordinate amount of time fawning over Hollywood actors and reality stars who come out in support of liberal politicians and causes. They are less interested in those who embrace conservative beliefs and issues. The most recent example of this is a Marco Rubio endorsement ad by Rick Harrison of the History Channel’s hit reality show, Pawn Stars.

New York Times best-selling author Ann Coulter stopped by Sean Hannity’s eponymous Fox News Channel (FNC) show on Wednesday night to preview her upcoming book Adios America and slammed both the government and news media for failing to provide “basic information about the people they are bringing into this country in order to change it into a direction that is more favorably disposed to vote for the Democrats.”

Media Research Center President Brent Bozell joined Sean Hannity on his eponymous Fox News Channel (FNC) program Thursday evening and ripped ABC for deciding to air a sitcom this fall that’s loosely based on the life of anti-religious bigot Dan Savage. The segment began with Hannity providing a brief synopsis of the upcoming show (titled The O’Neals) and highlighting how “several high-profile Christian groups and leaders have called for ABC to immediately pull the plug on Savage's new show.” 

The conservative host of the Fox News Channel's Hannity weeknight program used his Wednesday episode to push back on the mockery he received from Jon Stewart, the departing liberal host of Comedy Central's The Daily Show, over Sean Hannity's extensive coverage of last year's spring break in Florida.

Hannity called Stewart a “sanctimonious jackass” for dubbing him “America's oldest hall monitor” and dedicating “not one, not two, but five different shows on the horrors of spring break, including the entire hour on Friday featuring a panel of outraged experts there to expose this annual event.”

Former NBC Nightly News anchor Tom Brokaw appeared on FNC’s Hannity Monday night to promote his memoir but when the subject of Brian Williams’ suspension was brought up, he insisted that “almost all” of the stories about the two of them were “wrong.” 

During Thursday evening's edition of Hannity on the Fox News Channel, political analyst Juan Williams clashed with Pamela Geller regarding the “Muhammad Cartoon Contest” she organized in Garland, Texas, this past weekend. Two Islamic militants tried to attack the event but were shot and killed before they could disrupt it.

At one point in what the Fox News website called a “Hot Debate,” the liberal commentator compared Geller to “a pyromaniac who goes before the judge and says: 'Oh, yes, we're setting those fires just to see how fast the fire department can respond.'”

On Tuesday night’s Hannity, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke slammed the ”liberal mainstream media” for ”propagating this false narrative about how law enforcement treats black males and people in the black community” in places like Baltimore and Ferguson. He accused the media of ginning up “race politics. They support a lot of the leftist agenda when it comes to this stuff, identity politics....they have become the mouthpiece, they have become the propaganda wing of leftist policy and leftist ideology.” 

As of Friday morning, ABC, CBS, and NBC's morning and evening newscasts had yet to cover Hillary Clinton's false claim that all four of her grandparents emigrated to the United States. In reality, only one – Hugh Rodham, Sr. – was born abroad in England. By contrast, all three main cable news channels – CNN, Fox News Channel, and MSNBC – covered Mrs. Clinton's tall tale about her family between Wednesday evening and Thursday evening.

Sean Hannity tore into the latest liberal media double standard on the Thursday edition of his Fox News Channel show as the liberal media has sought to play up Republican presidential candidate and Senator Rand Paul’s temper but remain silent on Hillary Clinton’s well-known anger issues of her own. Using numerous examples and quotes from officials in the Bill Clinton administration, Hannity and Outnumbered co-host Andrea Tantaros blasted the media for excusing Clinton’s behavior despite allegations that she did indeed throw a lamp at her husband during the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Though the networks have been silent on Barack Obama's latest slam against Christians, writer Mark Steyn unloaded on the President, Wednesday. Appearing on Hannity, the commentator responded to Obama's critique of "less than loving Christians" by highlighting the murder of Kenyan Christians: "This is a guy who's happy to draw general lessons when a black youth gets killed in Ferguson, Missouri. That apparently has wide application for black people all over America. But 148 black corpses has no general application!"