In case you missed this one, former Vice President Al Gore is looking for anything - any weather event at all to correlate to so-called anthropogenic global warming.

During a conference call for activist hosted by his group Repower America on March 15, Gore attached blame to the recent windy and rainy weather in the Northeastern United States could be tied to global warming.

"Just look at what has been happening for the last three days," Gore said. "The so-called skeptics haven't noted it because it's not snow. But the downpours and heavy winds are consistent with what the scientists have long warned about."

This caught the attention of Fox News Channel's Sean Hannity. On his March 16 broadcast, Hannity pointed Gore's wisdom out for his viewers.

Fox News host Sean Hannity on Thursday highlighted a story on NewsBusters showing that ABC News spent far more time on Senator Jim Bunning and his non-scandal than the network did with Congressman Charlie Rangel's ethics violations.

Speaking to Bunning, Hannity informed his viewers: "NewsBusters, this is Brent Bozell's website, had a piece out and said that ABC News covered your issue involving your filibuster, if you will, six times more than the coverage that they gave to Charlie Rangel's scandal, which is a real scandal." [Audio available here.]

Liberals who simply cannot understand why Sarah Palin is so popular often attribute her success to her looks. The excuse conveniently allows them to sidestep any discussion of the issues she raises, and allows them to maintain a feeling of intellectual superiority to Palin and her supporters.

Fox News contributor Juan Williams, also a reporter for NPR and the Washington Post, was at a complete loss when Sean Hannity told him last night that he would rather Palin be president than Barack Obama. "Your libido is getting in the way of your thinking," Williams told Hannity.

Hannity and another guest, S.E. Cupp, noted the utter sexism in Williams' remarks. But don't expect to see a press release from the National Organization for Women or any other feminist group. Palin doesn't serve the liberal agenda, so she's fair game for claims that she'd be nowhere without her looks.

Williams thinks his comments are complimentary -- could he really believe it is a compliment to say a woman would not be successful if she weren't a "centerfold"? (Video and transcript below the fold.)

Sean Hannity Wednesday took on the recent attacks against conservatives made by liberal entertainers Janeane Garofalo, Bill Maher, and Rosie O'Donnell as well as the hit cartoon series "Family Guy."

As NewsBusters reported Tuesday, Garofalo was on O'Donnell's radio show that day spouting disgusting invective aimed at a littany of conservatives including Hannity himself.

That evening, Maher was on "Larry King Live" calling Americans "not bright enough to really understand the issues." On Sunday, Fox's "Family Guy" attacked former Alaska governor Sarah Palin with a Down Syndrome joke.

With this in mind, Hannity brought conservative author Michelle Malkin on his Fox News program Wednesday to discuss unhinged liberals gone wild.

Possibly the best comment of the segment was when Malkin said of Garofalo and O'Donnell, "They should not be mixed together because what you get in the end is this bubbling cauldron of toxicity" (video embedded below the fold with transcript):

Anti-Catholic bigot and Obama faith-based initiative advisor Harry Knox must be fired, Media Research Center's Brent Bozell and numerous other conservative signatories demanded in an open letter to President Barack Obama.

Picking up on the story, "Hannity" substitute host Tucker Carlson had Bozell and fellow signatory American Papist blogger Thomas Peters on the Friday, February 5 show to discuss Knox's record of anti-Catholic rhetoric, including his refusal to apologize for saying that the Pope's opposition to condoms was "hurting people in the name of Jesus."

Said Bozell [audio available here]: