Not content to promote climate alarmism solely through biased journalism, The Guardian (UK) moved into full-fledged activist territory with an anti-fossil fuels petition campaign called #KeepItInTheGround.

The Guardian’s editor-in-chief Alan Rusbridger publicized the paper’s campaign with a video he was in as well as a write up, on April 30. He said The Guardian started the “Keep it in the Ground” campaign in March to urge the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to divest its entire $43.5 endowment from fossil fuel assets. More than 190,000 Guardian readers supported the call on the Gates’ to “help stop climate change” by divesting.

According to Jon Stewart, cable news is so awful that Daily Show staffers who keep tabs on it are essentially “turd miners.” That said, Stewart believes that the most foul-smelling poop comes from Fox News.

In a Saturday profile in the left-wing British newspaper The Guardian, Stewart told writer Hadley Freeman that MSNBC is preferable to Fox “because [MSNBC isn’t] steeped in distortion and ignorance as a virtue. But they’re both relentless and built for 9/11. So, in the absence of such a catastrophic event, they take the nothing and amplify it and make it craziness.”

British journalist David Rose is not a global warming denier. He said it is his belief that the world is warming and “that carbon dioxide produced by mankind IS a greenhouse gas, and IS partly responsible for higher temperatures -- and [I] have repeatedly said so.”

Yet, ever since Rose dared report on the Climategate scandal in 2009 he has been the victim of hatred and vitriol from the environmentalist left, in part because he is skeptical of some environmentalists’ pet remedies for climate change. His views on wind power and biomass is that they are “ruinously expensive and totally futile.”

Dear Guardian, thanks for making this easy! Rarely are a media outlet’s prejudices and blinkered sense of moral equivalence more in evidence than in two stories on the left-wing British newspaper’s site.

Exhibit A: A 461-word July 19 story picked up from the AP. Boko Haram killed more than 100 people when the Islamist group entered a town in North Eastern Nigeria on July 20. They “attacked the town of Damboa before dawn on Friday, firing rocket-propelled grenades, throwing homemade bombs into homes and gunning down people as they tried to escape the ensuing fires.” The accompanying photo captioned as “A screengrab taken on 13 July from a video released by Boko Haram shows the group’s leader, Abubakar Shekau.”

Hillary Clinton sat down with Phoebe Greenwood of the left-wing British newspaper The Guardian last Friday to discuss a range of current event issues, responding to videotaped questions, including some from celebrities and politicians. Comedian Sarah Silverman was among them. Silverman wanted to know what Clinton’s plans will be “with women’s rights stuff” when she’s president. Silverman, referencing the Hobby Lobby decision, wanted to know “what men would ever put up with a woman making laws about what they can and can’t do with their bodies.”

Greenwood, not hiding her view of the topic, thought it necessary to explain Silverman’s question and framed it as an issue that “follows a raft of quite radical personhood bills that would seek to criminalize abortion and some forms of contraception.” The British journalist touted Clinton as a vocal advocate of women’s rights “for more than 20 years.” Greenwood then asked Clinton what she plans on doing “about these threats” and the “rollback on the right of American women to choose.”

You knew “safe, legal, and rare” was just talk, right? “On demand and without apology” is the real mantra of the pro-abortion left – even when the “choice” is to weed out baby girls. That the Guardian UK columnist Sarah Ditum recently admitted as much would almost be refreshing if it weren’t so chilling. 

In her article “Why Women Have a Right to Sex-Selective Abortion,” Ditum advocated for a woman’s right to “choose” based on a baby’s sex. In certain circumstances, she explained, “a woman wouldn't just be justified in seeking sex-selective abortion; she'd be thoroughly rational to do so.” The Guardian, advertised as the world’s third largest online newspaper, attracts over 12.7 million unique visitors per month from the United States.