Just as CBS did last night, ABC spent Tuesday morning ripping President Trump for expressing hope about a promising drug shown to help patients fighting COVID-19. Despite Hydroxychloroquine being approved for coronavirus patients in New York hospitals and being prescribed by doctors across the country for treating certain autoimmune diseases, the naysayers at Good Morning America warned Trump was promoting a drug that could kill you. At the same time, GMA correspondent Kaylee Hartung ironically cheered on Democrats expressing hope about the very same drug in treating coronavirus.

ABC’s chief White House correspondent and White House Correspondents Association president, Jon Karl was the latest liberal journalist to decide they wanted to make a fat stack of cash by publishing a new anti-Trump book (Front Row at the Trump Show). As such, his Sunday appearance on Good Morning America was just another chance to hawk his product. He insisted President Trump was making a mockery of the coronavirus crisis and was using the daily press briefings as “a reality TV show.”

Towards the end of Monday’s Good Morning America, ABC’s Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl got the opportunity to plug his new tell-all book about covering President Trump to co-anchor George Stephanopoulos. Though the interview was very short, the two journalists managed to fit in as much Trump-bashing as they could. Karl bemoaned to Stephanopoulos that the president was the same man now as he was in 2016, and his “mental illness” was being spun as a good leadership quality, by his own staff.

ABC News and The Washington Post responded to strong approval numbers for Donald Trump’s handling of the Corona crisis by warning that it will “reinforce” his own beliefs. Both outlets, in a joint poll, suggested the result could be nothing more than a patriotic rallying from the country. 

After weeks of the broadcast network using the coronavirus pandemic as a cudgel to attack the Trump administration, on Friday, ABC’s Good Morning America could only bother to spend 10 seconds on their own poll finding that 55% of Americans approve of the President’s handling of the crisis.

While it’s the media’s job to inform the public with facts during a pandemic, liberals in the media have instead chosen to taken advantage of the situation by pushing a big government agenda down everyone’s throats during their coronavirus coverage. Sunday, MSNBC let New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio fearmonger over why we need nationalized everything to combat the virus’s spread. Monday on ABC’s Good Morning America, the news network let New York Governor Andrew Cuomo push forward the same argument.

Fortunately, after multiple close interactions with people who had later tested positive for the deadly coronavirus (COVID-19) or suspected to have it, President Donald Trump had tested negative according to a test administered by his personal doctor and a statement released Saturday night. Despite the fact the result came from a trained medical professional, Sunday’s edition of ABC’s Good Morning America continued to insinuate that the President was a carrier of the virus.

Despite Americans’ real fears about the coronavirus spreading, ABC’s Good Morning America felt no responsibility to try to calm those fears with facts, Friday morning. Instead, co-anchor Cecilia Vega tried to play politics, as usual, while speaking with National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Dr. Anthony Fauci, by repeatedly attempting to bait him to bash President Trump.

ABC’s Good Morning America continued its weekly tribute to environmentalism, Wednesday morning, in their series with National Geographic leading up to Earth Day. This week, correspondent T.J. Holmes traveled to Quebec's Magdalen Islands to cuddle with some baby seals and scare viewers that if they’re not “doing the right thing” by following the climate change agenda, these adorable animals will die out.

It seems as though nothing can shake the ABC News blackout of any story related to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) from its news programs. That disinterested played out again during Sunday’s Good Morning America despite overnight revelations that a CPAC attendee had tested positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19). Instead of reporting how thousands of attendees were put at risk, they spent almost two minutes (1:57) bashing the Trump administration for “mismanaging” the response to the virus generally.

ABC and NBC on Friday spun the cringe-inducing, awkward new comments by Bill Clinton, in which the former President blamed his White House affair with Monica Lewinsky as “anxiety” management. The Today show and Good Morning America hailed a Hulu documentary as “remarkable” and a look at the “painful” time (for the Clintons). 

Washington Free Beacon writer Alex Griswold reported American news consumers have been "inundated by interviews" with former congresswoman Katie Hill, who was pressed to resign last year in the midst of scandal over having sex with a female subordinate. Griswold noted that overall, "the media frequently and uncritically parroted Hill's talking points that she was the victim of 'revenge porn'" from her ex-husband.