In advance of oral arguments before the United States Supreme Court, Univision’s open advocacy of DACA serves to remind us all that the network is little more than an immigration lobby with a broadcast license. Check out the full post to see UNews’s anchor Andrea Linares tees up her interview of a DACA advocate:

In this week’s edition of Real America with Jorge Ramos on Facebook Watch, Univision’s senior anchor elevates illegal immigration with the the nation’s historic civil rights struggles- thus attempting to establish a legal right to illegal immigration. 

Univision’s foray into digital media comes to an expected and, with the announced sale of its digital media portfolio. As the Spanish-language media giant limps back to its core business, it’s worth looking at what led to this point, and what follows from here.

Univision senior anchor Jorge Ramos’ Facebook Watch show confirms all our worst suspicions about the editorial direction of the show. Its year-end episode, in particular, represents a tripling down on Ramos’ activist impulses, and openly cheerleads for liberal activists of all stripes.

En un giro inesperado, Univisión acaba de lanzar un noticiero diario de dos horas en inglés, llamado UNews que transmite Fusion. Pero, ¿será más de lo mismo que venimos a esperar del noticiero en español, o es realmente algo nuevo?

In an unlikely shift, Univision has launched a daily two-hour English-language newscast called UNews, carried on its sister Fusion channel. But is this more of the same of what we’ve come to expect on the mothership, or is this really something different?

After the 2016 presidential election, Univision senior anchor Jorge Ramos sought respite in Japan, and wrote a column depicting the Land of the Rising Sun as a cultural exemplar. In 2018, however, he found horror- which yielded another preachy column.

La compra de lo que quedó de Gawker por parte de Univisión fue, predeciblemente, la crónica de un desastre anunciado. Informes de prensa ahora sugieren que la calamidad efectivamente le llegó a la cadena de medios hispanoparlante más grande del país.

El presentador de Noticias Univisión Jorge Ramos presentó otra pieza de propaganda a favor del control de armas. El informe especial transmitido por Fusion, Generation Gun, mostró a cinco jóvenes con posturas a ambos lados del debate por la tenencia de armas de fuego en Estados Unidos. El conversatorio, que trató las armas, las escuelas, los tiroteos y el control de armas, fue bastante equilibrado- especialmente tratándose de un especial de Jorge Ramos.

Univision’s Jorge Ramos has filmed yet another paean to gun control. This one, carried by Fusion, featured teens on both sides of gun control. The special report, subtly titled “Generation Gun”, featured Jorge Ramos as he sat down with five teens from different backgrounds and discussed guns, schools, shootings, and gun control. The conversation was, for a Ramos venture, remarkably balanced.

Ha caído el arquitecto. La sacudida en Univisión continúa y le llegó la hora al director ejecutivo de Contenido, Isaac Lee, convirtiéndose así en la próxima salida de alto perfil en el asediado gigante mediático.

The architect has fallen.

The shakeup at Univision continues apace, and Chief Content Officer Isaac Lee becomes the most recent high-level departure at the beleaguered media giant.