Bloomberg says “it’s unrealistic to expect the board’s decisions will happen with the speed necessary to police the internet.” In order for the board to be effective, it will have to serve like an appeals court, evaluating decisions that have already been made.

An Antifa-related activist group called “All Out DC” has been putting up posters with the personal information of Fox News host Tucker Carlson, as well as other free speech figures, in an effort to “Block the Alt-Right.” The group’s poster announced an upcoming rally on July 6 along with Carlson’s face and personal information. The caption labeled him as a “racist with a huge following and platform” who “uses it to promote racist dogwhistles.”

In the wake of terror attacks, Big Tech companies are being taken to task over content policing. The June 26 hearing before the House Homeland Security Committee will feature testimonies from Facebook, Twitter, and Google’s parent company, Alphabet. According to Bloomberg Law’s coverage, Facebook’s head of global policy management Monicka Bickert, Twitter’s senior strategist for public policy Nick Pickles, and Google’s global director of information policy Derek Slater are going to testify.

Facebook has long banned any use of cryptocurrency on its platform. Now all that has changed — because Facebook is doing it. The company launched a subsidiary called Calibra on June 18, which will oversee Facebook’s new cryptocurrency, known (tragically) as Libra.

Facebook, which no longer funds CPAC, is now sponsoring an upcoming far-left convention. Netroots and its convention event Netroots Nation, originally founded by the far-left blogosphere during the Bush era, has enjoyed a renaissance amid the Democratic party’s leftward lurch on racial and feminist politics. Aside from Facebook, other sponsors included in the event range from immigration advocacy groups such as Informed Immigrant to pro abortion groups such as Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and the scandal-ridden Women’s March. 

Facebook is making a desperate attempt to push a Pollyanna philosophy on its users. This might backfire. In a June 14 blog post, Facebook announced an update to its policy. In a June 14 blog post, Facebook announced an update to its policy. “We’re always working to ensure that people’s time on Facebook is well spent,” said the parenting police known as the Facebook Product Managers. 

An incident where a Facebook employee gave private info to a predatory journalist has free speech advocates up in arms. “Do we want to be on platforms that are just waiting to release our private information to places of journalism that would be more than happy to doxx us and take us down?” Dave Rubin asked during a June 4, interview with Tucker Carlson. 

While the United States is blasting Big Tech for censoring conservative speech, the European Union is mulling a similar crackdown on “offensive content.” Europe has been putting pressure on tech companies for a variety of reasons in recent years, ranging from stricter privacy laws to the “Right to Be Forgotten” and the “Paris Call” for government regulation of hate speech. 

Media Research Center President Brent Bozell on Monday starred in a PragerU video exposing the dangers of social media tech censorship. Bozell traced the history of companies like Apple, from rebelling against the old ways in the famous Apple 1984 Super Bowl commercial, to pushing conformity and squashing debate. Citing efforts to stifle speech, Bozell lamented, “Our former liberators now want to be our masters.... They are becoming the Big Brother Orwell foresaw. ”

Weighing in on the controversy over whether Facebook should have taken down a doctored video clip portraying Nancy Pelosi as a drunk, New York Times tech columnist Farhad Manjoo says we should instead fight the real enemy: “The Problem Is Fox News, Not Facebook.” The text box: “Misinformation online has nothing on Murdoch TV’s lies.” Manjoo called Fox "the million-pound forked-tongue colossus that dominates our misinformation menagerie."

The tech industry is slowly circling conservative media and preparing to strike. An advertising program manager for Microsoft responded to an op-ed by New York Times contributor Farhad Manjoo, agreeing that Fox News was a “million pound fork-tongued colossus” responsible for misinformation. Dare Obasanjo, listed on LinkedIn as a project program manager for Microsoft, tweeted out that Fox News and figures like Ben Shapiro were “misleading propaganda.”

Big Tech companies say Iranian hackers used social media to interfere with the American 2018 midterm election. A group of anonymous hackers infiltrated social media sites in April 2018 to influence the midterm elections. According to prominent public cybersecurity firm FireEye’s report these fake accounts had a very clear mission to spread “anti-Saudi, anti-Israeli, and pro-Palestinian themes.” Reuters recounted how Lee Foster, a FireEye researcher, claimed that many of these accounts had impersonated American journalists. They “had successfully convinced several U.S. news outlets to publish letters to the editor, guest columns and blog posts.”