Ideological diversity is crucial when it comes to building a well-balanced fact-checking team. But the left won’t accept anyone who isn’t on their side. Facebook’s controversial fact-checking program announced on April 17 that it had added two more partners to its United States branch, Science Feedback and Check Your Fact.

On Wednesday, Media Research Center President Brent Bozell and other conservative leaders wrote to Twitter’s chief executive office Jack Dorsey, urging the company to publicly address its ties with the “anti-Christian, anti-conservative” Southern Poverty Law Center. In a separate statement, Bozell called on Twitter, as well as Facebook, Google and Amazon to make it clear that they won’t associate with this hateful organization. 

Data gathered from millions of individual users was apparently handed out as gifts at Facebook. In a new leak published by NBC, it was determined that Facebook did not sell data to third-party companies or advertisers.

A recent episode of Univision senior anchor Jorge Ramos’ “Real America”, now shown on Facebook Watch, builds upon a series of historical inaccuracies and sophistries in order to aid and abet the ongoing effort to soft-sell democratic socialism.

Google has joined other tech companies in trying to explain its bias against the pro-life film, Unplanned. Unplanned is the story of Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson, experienced a profound change of heart after watching an ultrasound-guided abortion, eventually becoming a prominent pro-life activist. 

At the Senate Judiciary hearing on April 10, Republican senators went beyond establishing the liberal biases of Silicon Valley social media giants, and questioned the very idea of “hate speech.” Senator Ted Cruz proclaimed not only that banning “emotionally” harmful content is absurd, but that “None of us have a right to live in a world free of being offended.”

There's no question that animosity exists on both sides of the political spectrum, but have you noticed how personal it has become for many on the left? It is disturbing how intolerant and filled with rage leftist extremists have become, and how many more people are falling into the category of leftist extremism. But what concerns me as much as this pattern of ill will and abuse from leftists is that it is unchecked by their peers and often applauded. 

At the Senate Judiciary hearing on April 10, Republican senators grilled Facebook and Twitter for denying their liberal biases. Senators Ted Cruz, Ben Sasse, and Mike Lee each took turns roasting the tech corporations on multiple issues. When they tried to deny that a corporate culture of liberal bias exists, Cruz brought down the hammer and used Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s own testimony against them.

Facebook has struggled with the concept of freedom of expression for some time now. But now the platform is interested in ignoring it more openly. In fact, the platform has been “reducing the spread of problematic content that does not violate [its]policies” since 2016.

At the Senate Judiciary hearing on April 10, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) grilled Facebook and Twitter on their censorship policies, especially of conservative and pro-life content during the Senate Judiciary hearing on April 10. He announced that in previous hearings, Facebook refused to answer questions that CEO Mark Zuckerberg had promised would be answered in hearings in April of 2018. As he grilled the two representatives for Facebook and Twitter, Neil Potts and Carlos Monje, it seemed that both the witnesses found it difficult to directly answer the Chairman

Another Senate hearing probing into the treatment of free speech at social media companies is scheduled to happen on April 10. The hearing, “Stifling Free Speech: Technological Censorship and the Public Discourse,” will be headed by subcommittee chair Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas).

Facebook is struggling with yet another privacy scandal. Bloomberg reported that the data of millions of Facebook users was found on Amazon Cloud “hiding in plain sight.”