On Saturday ESPN Radio's "The Sporting Life," host Jeremy Schaap and ESPN Senior Writer Howard Bryant discussed "the increasingly rocky relationship between Trump and athletes." Author of "The Heritage: Black Athletes, a Divided America, and the Politics of Patriotism," Bryant said President Donald Trump is dragging athletes into a culture war and the new no-kneeling rule he forced on the owners was a "stab in the back."

Pro-tip for pro-athletes. If you win the championship, its courageous and patriotic to skip the White House visit. Unless you were invited by a liberal Democratic POTUS. Then, you’re selfish and rude and, if you previously had a “boy-next-door image,” you’ve trashed it.

Five graphically designed people are displayed above the headline, "On Flag Day, the Most Patriotic Among us Should be Kneeling", all taking a knee. Each is dressed in clothing that bears the stars and stripes. This fake "patriotism" is the "proper" way to honor America on Flag Day, writes The Undefeated blog's Jeff Rivers.

In light of Roseanne Barr’s racist Tuesday morning tweet, ABC cancelled the revival of its 80’s/90’s sitcom Roseanne, starring Roseanne Barr and John Goodman, after only one season despite it having fetched 18 million viewers for its premiere and been renewed for another season.

The furor over Roseanne Barr's racist comments and the demise of her television program have rippled across Disney and all the way to ESPN's Bristol, Ct., headquarters. And why wouldn't it? ESPN's Jemele Hill and the recently rehired Keith Olbermann could erupt in outrageous outbursts at any time and cause the Disney-owned company additional public relations nightmares.

It must have caused heartburn for many in the media when Donald Trump, the most "racist" president they know of, recently pardoned the first black heavyweight boxing champion, Jack Johnson. After President Barack Obama, with eight years in the White House, had refused to clear the late boxer's name! Jesse Washington, a writer for The Undefeated, helped the Left save face--by accusing Trump's attorney general of reviving policies that lead to mass incarceration of blacks.

To begin Thursday’s edition of HLN’s Unfiltered, host S.E. Cupp walked her viewers through how the liberal media’s double standard for punishing vile comments works. Between Roseanne Barr, Keith Olbermann, Joy Reid, and now Samantha Bee, there were a plethora of examples for her to choose from. But her most stern and forceful condemnation was reserved for ESPN and their parent company Disney for hiring Olbermann despite his membership in what she called the “misogynists’ club.”

Recently named "Black Journalist of the Year" by the liberal-minded National Association of Black Journalists, Jemele Hill has joined the media lemmings claiming President Donald Trump forced the NFL to ban player protests. The senior correspondent and columnist for ESPN and The Undefeated also says the NFL sold out its players when it put an end to anthem protests.

If you know anything about Keith Olbermann, you know he’s The Worst Person in the World to help ESPN pull out of its social justice spiral and get back on course covering sports. But according to USA Today, The Sultan of Sanctimony, the Colossus of Condescension, is returning to Sports Center as a guest host. And the timing could be any, well, dumber, just a day after the Wall Street Journal published an article titled, “How a Weakened ESPN Became Consumed by Politics.”

A year of failure, suspension and demotion is all it takes to win a journalist of the year award——if you're Jemele Hill and you very publicly called the Republican president of the United States a "white supremacist." For this and other less-than-stellar "accomplishments" in 2017, Hill is the winner of the Journalist of the Year award in 2018 for the National Association of Black Journalists.

This week ESPN talk show host Bomani Jones had a conversation with GQ magazine interviewer Eve Ewing about America's struggle to reconcile a love of sports with its hatred for blacks. Ewing set the stage for the discussion by pointing out that "the sports arena is the place where America has been trained for centuries to fear and loathe the black body."

Jimmy Traina attended this week's "ESPN Upfronts" event in Manhattan. The liberally slanted Sports Illustrated author of the "Extra Mustard" column described it as an opportunity for ESPN "to get companies to spend money on their shows." In his recap of the Upfront, he ridiculed the notion that ESPN has a liberal bias.