Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett took heaps of abuse this past week for opting to punt on fourth-and-one during last Sunday's 19-16 overtime loss to Houston. This weekend, former NFL cornerback Domonique Foxworth, who now writes about racism in sports for ESPN's social justice blog, The Undefeated, made Garrett the poster boy for white privilege at the expense of African-Americans unable to secure jobs as head coaches and general managers in the NFL. 

Multi-millionaire football player Eric Reid (see photo) is back in the National Football League and shooting off  the kind of anti-American remarks that would make his old kneeling buddy, Colin Kaepernick, proud. In Jason Reid's story on The Undefeated, Eric Reid says America's 400-year history of racism continues, African-Americans lack economic opportunity and "You can’t live in your own house in America without getting killed."

Jemele Hill's race-baiting forum is open for business once again now that she's joined the staff of The Atlantic magazine. As a writer and podcast hostess, she'll cover "the intersection of sports, race, politics, gender, and culture," says the leftist magazine's editor-in-chief Jeffrey Goldberg in a Twitter announcement Monday. Make that "sports lite."

When Capital University junior wide receiver Wyatt Pertuset hauled in a touchdown pass in a game played Sept. 1, the scoreboard operator added six points to his team's point total. To ESPN's Bob Ley, this "blessing" from God could just as well have been 50 points. Pertuset had become the first openly gay college football player to score a touchdown. SBNation's Outsports blog might have scored it even higher.

Mark Knight is a veteran cartoonist for the Melbourne, Australia Herald Sun who's made a career of portraying his subjects in caricature. That's how he portrayed tennis star Serena Williams after the tennis superstar's U.S. Open outburst last week. The ever-predictable Left-stream media aggressively went for Knight's "racist" jugular. For example, a Washington Post headline declared it a racist cartoon, and Lonnae O’Neal, a senior writer at The Undefeated, and others accused Knight of portraying the African-American Williams as an enraged behemoth, Aunt Jemima, three-fifths of a human being.

If you thought The Undefeated sports section was about athletics, you've gone to the wrong place. It's about racism ... all the time. This past weekend you could pull up The Undefeated to read about LeBron James' (see file photo from ESPN interview) history of discomfort with white people and learn how equality is only a "theoretical concept" for African-Americans. Writer Justin Tinsley alleges that James has moved past his racial bitterness, but it's hard to determine how he comes to such a conclusion.

ESPN President Jimmy Pitaro says it's a huge misconception that his network is "political," but his employees keep making him eat his words. On Tuesday, First Take co-hosts Max Kellerman and Stephen A. Smith attacked President Donald Trump and his friend, golfer Tiger Woods, for reasons having nothing to do with sports, demonstrating that ESPN can accurately be described as the “Entertainment Sports and Political Network.”

Jemele Hill has talked, tweeted and finally bought her way out of ESPN. The bombastic race baiter who last year called President Donald Trump and his supporters "white supremacists" has bought out her remaining contract, reports The Sporting News' Jenna West:

ESPN and the Undefeated blogsite has long counted on Kenny Mayne (host of the Wider World of Sports) to alleviate tension with his humor. Mayne ventured onto The Undefeated blog with a "Dear White People" letter heaping white guilt on Caucasians for the racism of past generations on Aug. 24. His awkward attempts to mix humor with white guilt and politics fell flat.

Restless race-baiter Jemele Hill may soon be on the move again. The controversial writer for The Undefeated, a social justice-themed ESPN blog, said in a recent speech that she plans to quit her gig sooner than later. She and a friend have already begun a video production company focusing on race and gender, according to Ozyfest.com writer Peter Buseck.

A bunch of people in a position to know say Jim Jordan did not enable sexual harassment as a college wrestling coach, but you would hardly realize that if you follow the liberal media. On June 9th, six wrestling coaches who personally know and worked with Jordan when he coached at Ohio State University came to his defense against recent sexual harassment allegations. 

ESPN First Take shout fest combatants Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman on Friday centered a debate around the question of whether or not Tim Tebow will play major league baseball. Kellerman raved about the Class AA minor leaguer and predicted he will make baseball's top level, while Smith said he'll get eaten alive by major league pitching.