NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit hasn’t touched upon immigration issues in a while, though it wasn’t shy about its view on abortions just a few months ago. But from what they’ve done before, it’s clear that the show believes that all legal and illegal immigrants are victims of the evil government and President Trump. This time around, they take things to a whole new level by accusing border defenders of being rapists as well.

For the few folks still wondering why the Democrats are not doing so hot this election cycle, could it have anything to do with the fact that sham impeachments and drag queens are their priorities these days?

Every episode of Freeform’s Party of Five can basically be boiled down to this message: illegal immigrants good, border laws bad. There’s nothing an illegal immigrant can do that’s wrong, and the United States is evil and racist for trying to stop them. Case in point, we have a story dedicated to reminding us that “cruelty is the point” at detention centers.

 Seems like it’s time for Han Solo to get back into his carbonite bath for a cool-down. He’s old and crotchety these days, and gets kind of hot under the collar when he doesn’t get his way.


The liberal director of The Washington Post-touting film The Post (2017) Steven Spielberg has not kept silent about his disdain for President Donald Trump, and neither has his wallet. Liberal filmmaker Steven Spielberg and his wife Kate Capshaw have contributed $3,500,000 collectively to liberal outside spending groups so far this cycle. 

Despite how unbelievable it is, ABC’s new drama For Life is, in fact, based on a real story of a man becoming a lawyer while serving a prison sentence. Sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction. The show seems to be going down the more predictable route of calling the justice system broken. Some things never change.

Most people watch TV to get away from the real world and politics. Liberal shows like The Conners won’t let you forget about real-world politics for even a second. The special live episode of the ABC sitcom proved it by wasting half the episode plugging the New Hampshire primaries.

Horror-comedy film The Hunt has returned from cinema limbo, acquiring a release date after being postponed for its controversial politics in the wake of last year’s El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, shootings. Because the premise of the film revolved around rich “elites” rounding up middle American citizens -- or “deplorables” as several outlets characterized them -- and hunting them for sport, Universal Pictures suspended the movie’s release date. 

This was bound to happen eventually. The latest episode of HBO’s The New Pope now has the audacity to suggest “upgrading” the Bible and the Church to include gay marriage. Somehow, I don’t think the series that’s bashed the Church and called prostitution a “miracle” has any right to lecture Christians.

Along with the red carpet, Best Picture, and the Oscar itself, the annual Academy Awards has become synonymous with left-wing political speeches and grandstanding. Since 2016, MRC Culture's On TV blog has covered the Oscars in all its liberal glory, from the anti-Trump opening monologue jokes to the activist acceptance speeches.

Freeform seems determined to focus on transgender issues this week. First, we have the plight of transgender illegal immigrants. Now, The Bold Type wants us to feel sorry for transgender marathon runners. The marginalized community is truly growing smaller by the week.

The left’s best efforts at removing President Trump ended with an impeachment acquittal on Wednesday, Feb. 5, and the man had an off-the-cuff victory speech about beating the “vicious” Dems on Thursday. How do you think lefties in Hollywood were holding up?