If you can pull from the wall-to-wall coverage of President Trump’s press coverage for the third day in a row, you will find that NBC recently premiered its latest sitcom Marlon on August 26. Marlon focuses Marlon Williams (Marlon Wayans) keeping up a cordial relationship with his ex-wife Ashley (Essence Atkins) as they raise their kids together. In contrast with the racially-charged and often hostile voices in the media, the show comes off as surprisingly harmless. But even in one episode, that feeling can’t last.

NBC’s Midnight, Texas focuses on the denizens of a small town named Midnight which includes vampires, witches, spirits, and other supernatural creatures. Overall, the show, while never passing into the realm of interesting, tows the line between the fantasy and political. Unfortunately, now they’ve brought in symbols from Christianity, which means it’s time to be called out.

FX’s Snowfall continues its season-long plot about the cocaine epidemic of the 1980s. You need a reminder that the show is about the '80s? There’s no better one than an image of President Ronald Reagan inserted into a scene. But Snowfall goes one step further with another '80s pastime: hating Ronald Reagan.

Buried in the credits of An Inconvenient Sequel, former vice president Al Gore and filmmakers make it clear they paid to make up for carbon generated during production. That’s part of Gore’s greenwashing of his documentaries through purchases of carbon offsets from Native Energy.

Recently, Disney’s Doc McStuffins program presented a “family” with two moms in an episode with backing from GLADD (surprise, surprise). The toy doll characters in the “doll family” included two “moms,” a young boy and a baby girl. The situation was introduced when a character asked the young boy: “Where are your moms?” When the two mom characters approached with a baby, Doc McStuffins announced that “it’s the doll family.”

Looks like religious faith continues to be the punching bag of Spike’s The Mist. Specifically one of the Christian denomination because that’s the only one hip to desecrate these days. But never before have I seen faith denounced in a way that feels so forced and makes so little sense…which, come to think of it, makes it perfect for this show.

FX’s Snowfall already got off on the wrong foot by perpetuating a false claim about the cocaine crisis, so it was bound to mess up again sooner or later. That moment has finally come again in the form of a police brutality scene with, you guessed it, a white cop and a black man.

It wouldn’t be shocking for a television network known for programming gems like Jackass, Catfish, Teen Mom and The Real World, to lack perspective on serious matters — or to lack serious reporting.

What can I say about TBS’s Wrecked? It’s a pretty funny show that, for its late-time and low-brow humor, actually got a laugh out of me. Even better, it seemed to be teetering on the edge of showing a white, patriotic Southerner who was NOT a racist stereotype. Until it didn’t.

We’re past the point for me to say AMC’s Preacher has jumped the shark in terms of Christianity, but that certainly doesn’t stop the show from trying. This latest episode just introduced a background for Jesus Christ so crazy that Dan Brown’s asking questions.

There’s a new Star Trek series in which it is forbidden for actors or writers to reference God (ironic, considering the only explanation for yet another Star Trek spinoff is punishment for man’s innate sinfulness.)

The stakes have raised in the feature animation industry these days. Pixar and its older sister Walt Disney Animation Studios continue to make wonderful, apolitical family movies that everyone from kids to adults can enjoy. Other studios have tried, but only put up mediocre job in trying to match their competitors.