CW’s Roswell, New Mexico is the latest example of television constantly rebooting its past shows. Unfortunately, it’s also another example of television constantly shoving a leftist agenda down our throats. This newest series does its part by propping up more propaganda on behalf of illegal immigrants.

The wait is almost over for Hollywood’s big Roe v. Wade film as an exclusive first look has been released online. The teaser, unveiled on Monday, features some new details about the film including the fact that Hollywood conservative superstar Jon Voight will be portraying Supreme Court Justice Warren Burger. The trailer is also set to have a grand unveiling for the crowds at this Friday’s annual March for Life in Washington, D.C.

It turns out there are still a few good-humored, politically-incorrect folks in Hollywood after all. Over the weekend, lefty-bashing street artist provocateurs publicly slammed HBO’s Bill Maher with a satirical billboard depicting him not as the thought leader he imagines himself to be, but as a rote purveyor of mainstream liberal propaganda. Specifically he was made fun of as being an “NPC.”

It’s clear by now that CBS’s Madam Secretary has a pretty warped view of reality. It perceives white nationalists as a national threat, promotes fake news as a dangerous epidemic, and still believes the U.S. rips children away from their parents at the border. Now they have a new delusion with corporate greed somehow threatening foreign stability.

The latest episode of NBC’s The Blacklist proves that nothing takes you more out of a story than referencing the current political environment. For a drama about the FBI’s dealings with a federal criminal, it really should be the last place to discuss the value of “facts” and “the truth” in today’s world.

It unfortunately didn’t take long for Fox’s X-Men series The Gifted to come back with another liberal pet issue. Last week's new year premiere gave us a Fox News-esque bad guy after the fall season's premiere provided a scene it thinks resembles an ICE raid. Now we’ve opened the “cop shooting an unarmed citizen” narrative with a bonus slam at “stand your ground” laws.

Although the Golden Globes hosts were uninterested in pot-shots against the Trump administration this year, the group behind the Globes did announce $2 million in giveaways to the press.

CBS’s Madam Secretary already conspired to spoil the holiday season by basing its 100th episode on family separations at the border. Now it returns to ruin the new year with another episode on the same subject. Somehow, it ends up more sanctimonious than a Golden Globes award winner.

Democrats have readied themselves to take their majority in Congress, and their biggest Hollywood fans have started celebrating as if it was their Christmas and New Year’s all rolled into one.

Another year, another opportunity for TV writers to express their liberal bias and deeply-rooted Trump Derangement Syndrome. Unless you’re a fan of bashing conservatives, stroking racial tensions, and sexualizing children, 2018 was not a great year for television. As I feared, things have definitely gotten worse. 

Fox’s The Gifted has just returned for 2019, and it looks like it’s going back to making cheap parallels to “real-life” politics. While the X-Men series has already made the comparison between mutants and illegal immigrants, this story goes further by inserting Fox News-type opponents who fear the “murderers and rapists” among the mutants and spew fake news.

While the front page of Monday’s Arts section of the New York Times showed a crop of the paper’s political reporters mocking Trump supporters as uncultured yahoos and praised a hostile SNL skit about Brett Kavanaugh, the inside pages featured a “news” story by Christina Caron with the exact opposite angle: Praising a former Democratic president’s cultured tastes: “Out of Office but Still in Step.” The paper really gave the list the full treatment, even providing linked to previous New York Times reviews when applicable.