On Wednesday’s Daily Show, host Trevor Noah brought CNN commentator Angela Rye for a friendly interview that began with the late-night host gushing over how “amazing” the liberal pundit’s rude behavior on CNN was.


Fire and Fury author Michael Wolff isn’t done promoting his tabloid-worthy book just yet. The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah welcomed Wolff as his guest January 22, and eagerly lapped up the liberal nonsense the controversial journalist was selling.


After an exhausting press conference Tuesday, where journalists asked the White House doctor just about every question they could about President Trump’s physical and mental health,The Daily Show was equally as flabbergasted by the excellent report delivered by the doctor.

Boy, do reporters miss Obama. New York Times political reporter Matt Flegenheimer's “The Year the Traditional News Cycle Accelerated to Trump Speed” basically blamed Trump for 2017 in total. Flegenheimer has established a reporting pattern of loathing Republicans like Sen.Ted Cruz while basically worshipping liberal Democratic presidential hopefuls. He began his Saturday story with ill-concealed regret that the former president was no longer in the White House: "Barack Obama was president earlier this year. Really, eyewitness accounts from the period confirm this. It lasted nearly three weeks, it seems...."

On Tuesday night's Daily Show on Comedy Central, host Trevor Noah dared to go where most of the mainstream media fail to tread. Namely exactly why President Donald Trump calls Senator Elizabeth Warren by the name of "Pocahontas." He revealed that it was not so much an ethnic slur as a mockery of Warren's highly dubious claim to have American Indian ancestry.

Liberal comedian Jon Stewart on Tuesday ranted at anyone who isn’t happy with the politicized tone of late night comedy, telling the New York Times: “Tough shit.” Of course, he also slimed conservatives as bigots for objecting to the angry liberalism of Jimmy Kimmel or Seth Meyers:  “The people that say, ‘This culture isn’t for me,’ live in a nostalgic world. Those are the people that are the first to tell minorities, ‘Suck it up.’” 

Failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is still making television appearances, trying to explain to the dumbfounded media nearly a year later “what happened” when she lost the election last November. She sat down for a cozy interview on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show Wednesday night, that didn’t offer any hard questions or surprises. Host Trevor Noah phrased every question from a liberal viewpoint and sympathized with Clinton repeatedly over the misogyny and media bias that, she claimed, helped Donald Trump win the election.

Deflecting blame has become an art form by not just failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, but also the left-wing media. MSNBC host, and former campaign reporter, Katy Tur spent time on Monday’s The Daily Show doing exactly that, laying cover for the media’s lack of attention on serious policy differences between the candidates during 2016. Instead, Tur said it was Trump’s fault that the media obsessively covered his tweets, because he “buried” their coverage on other topics.

Liberal Daily Show host Trevor Noah did what few on the left have done so far, on his August 31 show: He actually condemned the radical leftist antifa group for resorting to violence. While many on the left turn a blind eye at the group’s insistence and justification for their violent tactics, Noah called them out on it: “You don't realize when you think you are punching Nazis, you don't realize that you are also punching your cause,” he lectured.

MSNBC AM Joy Host Joy Reid appeared on Tuesday’s The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, where she bashed President Trump’s response to Hurricane Harvey. Playing the armchair psychologist, Reid said Trump lacked the ability to empathize or “understand” the depth of the “misery” the citizens of Houston, Texas are experiencing right now.

You know it’s a bad sign when the comedy host is a tougher “journalist” than the actual reporters. But that’s what played out as The Daily Show and CBS This Morning both featured interviews with Al Gore. The ex-Vice President is promoting his new climate change sequel and endured this softball from CBS’s Charlie Rose: “So, tell me, in ten years, what has changed that alarms you?” 

The writers from liberal late night shows pine for the days of Barack Obama when they could go a whole week without making fun of the president. According to an article in Variety, “the general consensus” among writers who appeared at a panel in Beverly Hills is “I don’t want this job.” Writer for The Daily Show Hallie Haglund complained, “To try to find a new way to go after that can be really boring.”