It is not the first time a prominent media outlet has been forced to retract a video piece as a result of misleading and erroneous editing. CBS News was the latest to be caught in the act of disseminating shoddy news packaging in the form of an overflowing Italian hospital video within a story about New York City Covid-19 cases.

Another network poll is out finding majority support for Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus and this time CBS didn’t even manage 10 seconds for the news. Instead, CBS This Morning on Thursday skipped the positive numbers and barely mentioned the survey at all. In the 7am hour, co-host Tony Dokoupil announced, “A CBS News poll out this morning shows about half of Americans, 51 percent of us, believe the outbreak will get worse in the next month. Only 28 percent think it will get better.”

Appearing on Friday’s CBS This Morning, U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams lectured the media on hyping “worst-case scenario” projections about the coronavirus pandemic that have so far proven to be “way off.” His comments came after co-host Gayle King took jabs at President Trump for making a similar point in a recent interview, despite having “no medical training.”

Lefty journalists have used this moment to play election year politics as they’ve labeled the pandemic Trump’s “Chernobyl” and “Katrina” and even charged that Republicans were fine with a “million seniors” dying. They also tarred Trump and conservatives as racist for noting the country of origin of the virus. All the while they’ve used this crisis to advocate for their favored socialist policies and politicians. The following are the worst examples of the media exploiting the pandemic over the last few weeks: 

CBS This Morning on Tuesday mostly ignored the findings of its own poll on the coronavirus and the government’s handling of it. The network allowed a scant 10 seconds to the news that a majority, 53 percent, approve of the President’s response. Relegated to online is the news that more Americans trust Donald Trump to given information than the media itself.

On Thursday, the NBC and CBS morning shows kept pushing the narrative that President Trump’s use of the phrase “Chinese virus” was “racist” and endangering people. NBC even attempted to claim that China “helped” the rest of the world by “delaying” the spread of coronavirus.

Talk about tone deaf. CBS This Morning on Thursday attempted to report the upside to a global pandemic that is killing thousands. Correspondent Vladimir Duthiers, reporting from his home because of the virus, cheered, “Let's talk to you about Italy. Obviously that country, its people have been devastated by the coronavirus. But there is a little bit of a silver lining in some of its historic cities. This is Venice. For the first time, you guys have been to Venice, you can never see the waters because they're so murky from all the boats.”

Talking to a self-quarantined Ted Cruz on Friday, CBS This Morning’s Tony Dokoupil worried that unconcerned Republican voters might get more Americans sick with the Coronavirus. The host nudged, “As a Republican senator, what is your message to Republican voters, Republican citizens, about how seriously they should take this outbreak?” 

The journalists at CBS This Morning on Thursday lashed out at Donald Trump’s Coronavirus address from the White House, objecting to the President using the word foreign in his Wednesday-night speech. This, apparently, made the whole thing an “America-first” attempt at sliming “outsiders.” Guest host Michelle Miller complained, “The President also called this a foreign virus. What has he accomplished by making this an outsider's problem?” Chief Washington Correspondent Major Garrett derided, “It is kind of an America-first rhetorical flourish that has nothing to do with public health, safety, or public health communication.” 

On Tuesday, the hosts of CBS This Morning warned viewers that common words and phrases with no racial context whatsoever were now somehow examples of “racism” in everyday life. It was all part of a segment designed to promote a “new book teaching kids the roots of racism.”

Throughout the 2020 presidential cycle, the journalists at CBS have been trying to convince you that anyone who isn’t an avowed socialist must be a moderate. O’Keefe played video of an excited Harris at a Biden rally in Michigan: “I'm so proud to endorse Joe Biden to be the next president of the United States!” As video played of Harris, Booker and Biden holding hand played, the journalist cheered, “With the polls giving him a big lead in Michigan, Joe Biden campaigned with some prominent supporters including the Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. It was a show of unity among moderates in the party.” 

ABC and NBC on Friday spun the cringe-inducing, awkward new comments by Bill Clinton, in which the former President blamed his White House affair with Monica Lewinsky as “anxiety” management. The Today show and Good Morning America hailed a Hulu documentary as “remarkable” and a look at the “painful” time (for the Clintons).