If you thought that Trump Derangement Syndrome could not get any more absurd, it just did.  CBC in Canada recently took TDS to a new level by cutting out the brief Donald Trump cameo scene in their broadcast of 'Home Alone 2.' Perhaps the TDS Canadians were triggered by the fact that President Trump had praised that film days earlier in a talk with American troops and this was their ridiculous way of fighting back against the Bad Orange Man of Baja Canada.

Canada, continuing to add to its reputation as the land of sensitivity training, is about to make its National anthem abide by the dogma of inclusivity.

Imagine if a newspaper reporter from fifty years ago were granted a wish to see just one news story from our era. The reporter might get a bit depressed if the article he saw was about how the internet caused the steep decline in newspaper circulations. However, imagine if instead he saw this report from the Globe and Mail of Canada about the rights of an adult infant vs women's rights in a university.

Justin Trudeau is a liberal woman’s dream. He’s attractive, progressive and a self-proclaimed feminist. What’s not to love? But on International Women’s Day, the Canadian prime minister made feminists across North America really swoon. He pledged to contribute $650 million to women’s health initiatives, including fighting “anti-abortion” legislation across the world.  

Canada's awfully nice, but some celebs have indicated plans to move elsewhere. Check out the following slideshow to see where they're supposedly headed come January. 

Prior to election night, nearly 30 famous people publicly indicated their intentions to leave the country if Donald Trump prevailed. Now that he has, will they actually go? If so, Canada's in for a windfall. 

If you are a journalist unwilling to be absorbed into the Global Warming Borg, you are most definitely not welcome to report on the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference next month in Morocco. For proof of this hositility towards such independent journalists, you need only listen to the incredibly condescending and dismissive tone of the UN spokesperson for that conference, Nick Nuttall, as he is interviewed by the As It Happens host, Carol Off, on CBC Radio. The target of Nuttall's ire for not blindly accepting the Global Warming ideology is Ezra Levant of The Rebel. Before we get to Nuttall's sneering dismissal of journalists  not willing to become part of the UN cheering squad, let us watch Levant explain the situation:

Former PBS fixture Moyers recently touched on Ted Cruz’s Canadian birth, but not with an eye toward whether or not Cruz is eligible for the presidency. Rather, it was to contrast Canada-born hockey enforcer John Scott with Cruz, who’s “another kind of enforcer.” Each has a large and enthusiastic following: fans voted the journeyman Scott into this year’s NHL All-Star game, and Cruz, of course, won the Iowa Republican caucuses.

Otherwise, though, Moyers and co-writer Gail Ablow contend that Scott is “a nice guy,” “humble,” and “a team player” while Cruz is a “brute” with “malice in [his] swagger,” a “Crusader Warrior” with a “forked tongue” who thinks that he’s “a new Messiah” and President Obama is “the Anti-Christ.”

Canadian conservative Ezra Levant took to Twitter after the Paris attacks to remind the world that the state-run Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has a policy of not employing the words “terrorism” or “terrorist” since “the use of the word can be highly politicized and therefore it is preferable that there be a consistent practice to be as specific as possible in describing an event without labelling it.”

But on October 1 of this year, the same staffers and the ombudsman defended the use of the terms “xenophobes” and “haters” by longtime CBC journalist Michael Enright on the program The Sunday Edition to describe those resisting any plan to accept thousands of Syrian refugees. That's not "highly politicized"?

Editor’s note: this article quotes angry feminists. Thus it contains objectionable language. 

Imagine the horror of being told – by someone you suspect is a Christian – that not having sex is the only fool-proof method of birth control! Chilling, isn’t it? 

A month ago, the UK Telegraph reported that "The remains of more than 15,000 babies were incinerated as 'clinical waste' by hospitals in Britain with some used in 'waste to energy' plants."

Prolife news sites and blogs as well as many other center-right outlets covered the story. The establishment press almost completely ignored it. Matt Balan of NewsBusters noted on March 26 that the story "got picked up by newspapers across much of the Anglosphere – including The Vancouver Sun and The Ottawa Citizen in Canada," but that it did not "receive wide coverage in the United States." More like barely any, with the only TV broadcast exception at the time being a segment on Fox News's The Five. Perhaps the non-coverage excuse was "Well, that's the UK. It could never happen here." That excuse was lame anyway, and now it's no longer operative (go to Page 3 at the B.C. Catholic link; story by Steve Weatherbe):

The New York Times's latest TimesCast was wholly devoted to the shocking decision on Obama-Care, in which Chief Justice John Roberts, appointed to the bench by a Republican president, joined the four liberals on the court to uphold Obama's legislation.

In a possible sign of bias to come, the TimesCast will feature commentary from Ben Smith of Buzzfeed.com during the election season. Host Megan Liberman ended Thursday's edition by chatting with a smug Smith, who tastelessly singled out individual conservatives on Twitter unhappy about the Obama-Care ruling, mocking those "not very bright" conservatives for saying "totally insane...wildly over-the-top things" such as claiming "America was doomed" or that they were "prepared to go to war against radical liberalism."