Guest-hosting Joy Reid's MSNBC show, Ali Velshi finds it impossible to understand why President Trump, given his criticism of US journalists, would express concern about the possible murder of a journalist at the hands of the Saudi government. 

What’s Arabic for “schadenfreude?” It was only two months ago that Al Jazeera announced Al Jazeera America was closing shop – a blow to the dozens of New York Times-types that made up its audience. Now the parent network, owned by the government of Qatar, is itself cutting its staff by 500. (Cutting the jobs, not the people. We think.)

Ripping members of the liberal media who’ve criticized press outlets for publishing photos of San Bernardino terrorist Tashfeen Malik wearing a hijab, Fox News host Megyn Kelly teamed with guest Howard Kurtz on Monday night to excoriate the “ludicrous” line of thinking by Melissa Harris-Perry and an Al Jazeera producer (among others) that even led Kelly to exclaim that “[n]o one gives a crap about that.”

An anti-Western propaganda network is reportedly letting go a quarter of its workforce. But this time it’s not MSNBC. On Tuesday, The Guardian reported that falling oil prices are forcing the Qatari emir to cut expenditures. So rather than cut his funding of Hamas, 800-1,000 al-Jazeera employees are on the chopping block worldwide.

Well, The Washington Post sure knows how to bury a lead. It’s hardly news that someone is accusing Al Jazeera of having an anti-Western slant – it does and plenty of people have taken public exception to it. But when 22 of the network’s own employees quit because they can’t stomach the pervasive pro-Islamist bias, it’s something to write home about.

On July 9, the Post ran a straightforward “Style” section article about the latest charges of bias against Al Jazeera, this time about its pro-Muslim Brotherhood, pro-Morsi coverage of the Egyptian unrest. It seems the Egyptian military, with the hearty approval of gathered Egyptian journalists, banished some Al Jazeera reporters from a news conference.

This is just WAY too funny.

Soledad O'Brien, who failed miserably at CNN, is actually going to Al Jazeera.

The Wrap reported moments ago:

The New York Times’ Brian Stelter is super-excited about the debut of Al Jazeera America sometime later this summer. He’s especially enthused that AJA “wants to be American through and through,” and is “aiming to have virtually all of its programming originate from the United States.”

And that makes sense. Even Stelter, a fan-boy of all things Al Jazeera, must realize that pre-martyrdom farewell videos and discussions of exactly how satanic the United States really is won’t play in Peoria.

Paging Al Gore!

Iraq on Sunday suspended the licenses of Al Jazeera and nine other satellite stations for promoting violence and sectarianism.

Al Jazeera reports:

It was announced earlier this week that Ali Velshi was leaving CNN.

In a press release obtained by TVNewser, we learned Thursday that Velshi was exiting the supposedly most trusted name in news to work for Al Jazeera:

Environmentalist activist and former U.S. vice president Al Gore is defending the sale of his Current TV cable channel to Al Jazeera, saying that the Qatari government-run network is “honest-to-goodness” news.

During a panel discussion at the South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas on Saturday, Gore was asked about his $500-million deal to sell the low-rated news operation to Al Jazeera in January.

Media consultant John Terenzio is suing former U.S. Vice President Al Gore for stiffing him of a cool $5 million over the environmental activist's sale of Current TV to the Al Jazeera, the Islamist-friendly news network owned by the oil-rich country of Qatar. In a nutshell, Terenzio claims the sale was his idea and that he got the ball rolling on the sale, only to see Gore initially reject it before changing his mind and negotiating the sale without Terenzio.

Eriq Gardner of the Hollywood Reporter has the details in what is the latest development in the Al Gorezeera saga:

A Washington Post contributor published an article Tuesday amazingly citing as true claims by a - wait for it! - satirical website that former Alaska governor Sarah Palin has taken a job with Al Jazeera.

For her part, the former vice presidential candidate is having a good old time on Twitter at the author's expense: