Univision/Fusion anchor Jorge Ramos is in the middle of another valedictory establishment media tour, promoting his most recent Time column as if it were a newly-released book and defending himself against charges of bias. His latest "tour stop" was last night, with CNN's Anderson Cooper- and the time has come to hold Ramos to the lofty moral standard that he seeks to impose on his fellow journalists.

As expected, Jorge Ramos went on CNN's Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter, justified his abandonment of neutrality with regard to Donald Trump, and evaded the question about MRC Founder Brent Bozell's call for his removal from Univision's anchor chair until after the election. The linguistic dodge that Ramos deployed in order to effectively to do so warrants additional analysis.

Entrando evidentemente de lleno en la campaña política de este otoño, Jorge Ramos ha puesto en marcha un ataque en gran escala contra el primer aviso de televisión para las elecciones generales por el binomio Trump-Pence, con un discurso que elimina cualquier duda que aún pudiera haber de que él es partidario abierto de Hillary Clinton.

Univision/Fusion anchor Jorge Ramos joins Brian Stelter on today's edition of Reliable Sources, in order to discuss the controversy surrounding Ramos' incendiary column for Time magazine, which led to the MRC's call for his removal from the Univision anchor desk until after the election. Here's what to expect:

Evidently getting a jump on the fall campaign, Univision’s Jorge Ramos has launched a full-scale attack on the Trump-Pence ticket’s first general election television ad, with a rant that removes any doubt that might still remain that Ramos is a full-fledged #ImWithHer partisan.

Durante una entrevista con Megyn Kelly de Fox News, el presentador de Univisión Jorge Ramos reiteró su posición a favor de que la clase periodística del país abandone su postura tradicional de neutralidad en su cobertura de la contienda presidencial estadounidense.

If these "Stuff Jorge Ramos Says" posts seem repetitive, it is because it is unprecedented for a national news anchor to go on the record with his opinions of a presidential candidate (published on multinational platforms), because the establishment media has aided and abetted this break with longstanding tradition, and because it is important to create preserve -consistent with the mission of the MRC - a record of these statements of bias.

Este artículo iba a ser redactado inicialmente como un preanálisis de la cobertura que nuestros medios nacionales de habla hispana darían a la noticia de un posible cambio de giro de Donald Trump en el tema migratorio. Por supuesto, eso se fue por la borda tan pronto Jorge Ramos entró ayer a su cuenta de Twitter.

This post was originally going to be written as a "what to expect" sort of pre-analysis to how our domestic Spanish-language news media might react to news of a potential Donald Trump shift on immigration. Of course, that pretty much went out the window once Jorge Ramos logged on to Twitter today.

We recently detailed our concerns over how Univision/Fusion anchor Jorge Ramos might have crossed a line by writing an implicit endorsement of Hillary Clinton. His most recent column, however, has erased all doubt and crossed the final line between advocacy journalism and outright partisanship.

Jorge Ramos' latest column clarifies and brightens a formerly blurry line between journalism and advocacy; between neutrality and partisanship, tacitly endorsing Hillary Clinton for President in the process.

Earlier, we showed how Univision/Fusion anchor Jorge Ramos gave an immigration lecture to the father of a young man murdered by an illegal immigrant gang member. Sadly, it wasn't just Ramos, and Univision News went further.