To start off ABC’s The View show December 2, the ladies actually discussed whether or not Trump’s election win was causing a phenomenon of wives spurning their husbands in the bedroom. Calling it the ‘Trump Bedroom Backlash’ Behar asked, “Is Trump causing ‘electile dysfunction?’” before the panel erupted in giggles but also agreement.

Friday’s “Hot Topics” on the View was so incredibly biased it was hard to know where to begin. After playing a leaked audioclip of Trump aide Kellyanne Conway arguing with Clinton aide Jennifer Palmieri about the election results, Behar asked the panel if Palmieri was right in calling out Conway for winning on a platform of white supremacists. The liberal panelists wholeheartedly agreed with Palmieri, with Sara Haines making the most ludicrous comment.

Friday morning’s The View started off with the mostly liberal panel having a meltdown over the announcement of Trump choosing retired General Michael Flynn and Alabama’s Senator Jeff Sessions for White House positions. Whoopi Goldberg complained that Sessions and the right wanted to bring back slavery and to deport Muslim Americans. Sunny Hostin then claimed that violence was only coming from the right, while Whoopi and Behar conceded there was violence from the left but it was deserved and provoked. “People better not sit back and just take it,” Behar lamented. “They [Republicans] started it.”

The millions of Americans who didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton because they found her untrustworthy simply didn’t “do their homework,” according to one host on ABC’s The View. That statement was provoked after co-hosts Sunny Hostin and Whoopi Goldberg said that Trump was untrustworthy because of his lack of political experience, whereas Clinton was very trustworthy because of her experience in office. Whoopi blamed anyone who found Clinton untrustworthy as ignorant. “You haven’t done your homework,” she scolded.

Donald Trump’s win was a repudiation of the policies of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, so now he should put them in his cabinet? Co-host Sunny Hostin suggested exactly that, on Thursday’s edition of The View

Much is being made of The View host Joy Behar's outrageous smear earlier this week of three women who have accused Bill Clinton's sexual assault and unwanted sexual advances as "tramps." The blowback is richly deserved, especially because compelling evidence indicates that these women are the victims, not only of Bill Clinton, but of Hillary Clinton's enabling behavior and actions.

Amidst a mind-numbingly naive discussion about the Clintons on ABC’s The View Friday, the panel inadvertently got extremely close to the truth. After Trump threatened to bring up Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky, the panel decided to talk about whether or not Hillary Clinton should be called out on that issue. While Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin eagerly defended Hillary for “trashing” the women Bill “slept with,” Bila was quick to note that sexual assault and rape were not the same as an affair.

In a segment that seems to be catered for the Media Research Center today, The View panel argued for half the show on whether or not media bias exists. ABC's Senior Legal Correspondent Sunny Hostin was the most vocal liberal panelist who sparred with FNC’s Jedediah Bila who first brought up the topic. Before Bila could even finish her sentence, Hostin jumped in to shake her head emphatically and say, “That’s not true,” adding a jab directed at Bila: “Only if you watch Fox News everyday.”

Joy is at it again on The View. Thursday’s episode began with the panel discussing last night’s events at the Republican National Convention and whether or not they thought Ted Cruz was sincere in his non-endorsement of Donald Trump. CNN’s Sunny Hostin disagreed with panelists Joy Behar and ABC’s Sara Haines, the latter of whom thought Cruz was just doing this “for himself.” When Hostin began to defend Cruz standing up for his “party’s platform,” Behar outrageously compared the GOP platform to Hitler’s manifesto.

The majority of the panel on Tuesday’s The View were furious about former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s speech defending police officers at the RNC last night. Panelists Joy Behar, CNN’s Sunny Hostin, ABC’s Sara Haines and Whoopi Goldberg blasted the Mayor for his tone and message, calling him “nutty,” “berserk” “lunatic” and “divisive” while FNC’s Jedediah Bila was the only panelist to defend Giuliani’s speech.

On Monday’s The View, the liberal co-hosts predictably attacked Trump’s VP pick Mike Pence for not being liberal enough. Co-hosts Joy Behar and CNN’s Sunny Hostin led the charge, claiming that Pence was “incompetent” for his views on everything from global warming to “women’s rights.” Their treatment of Pence was polar opposite of how Behar and Hostin gushed over possible Clinton VP pick Elizabeth Warren on the show just a few weeks ago.

President Barack Obama was in Dallas Tuesday to speak at the memorial service to the five police officers who were killing in last Thursday’s ambush. All the networks in the “big three” sung the president’s praises. “The president clearly in the role of preacher-in-chief today talking about what a raw moment this is for the country,” stated ABC’s Senior Justice Correspondent Pierre Thomas, during ABC’s special coverage.