Liberal radio hosts obviously feel Ann Romney is a big fat target of mockery. When it was revealed a shirt she wore on CBS This Morning retails for $990, they pounced. Bill Press even insisted Mrs. Romney should be more like Michelle Obama – which doesn’t match the fashion facts from Hawaii last Christmas.

On the Stephanie Miller show, one regular guest, gay activist Karl Frisch, brought out the anti-Mormon wisecracks: “If a T-shirt is a thousand dollars where Ann Romney shops, how much is the magic underwear?” Miller laughed, and her sidekick Chris Lavoie added, “There you go!”  Randi Rhodes just exploded:

On Friday’s Stephanie Miller show, the host was typically adoring Obama’s snarky remarks about how the conservatives are flat-earthers when it comes to the awesome potential for green energy solutions. The forward-thinkers and the scientific minds hand over a half-billion dollars to Solyndra, apparently.

Unfortunately for Miller, her sidekick Jim Ward (who does impressions), completely lost his cool and said Obama’s critics “should test the alleged laws of gravity by jumping out of a plane without a parachute.” It’s another Playtex bottle of the milk of human kindness from liberal talk radio.

With a little more outrage than the liberal news media, the liberal talk-radio hosts lunged at Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer for merely being pictured accusingly pointing a finger at President Obama. The same people who hated reading too much into a picture of Obama not having his hand over his heart know everything about this scenario.

Al Sharpton declared “This is only one case in point of a lot of disrespectful ugly behavior, some of it motivated by just blatant racism in regard to this President and those that support him.” Brian Maloney at Radio Equalizer found Stephanie Miller accusing Brewer of “playing the fragile white woman scared of black man card" and cited the movie “The Help.” She also imagined how LBJ would have violently shoved Brewer’s finger where the sun doesn’t shine: (Audio below)

The Los Angeles Times reports "Police are searching for a man who tried to knock down a Ronald Reagan statue Sunday morning. Newport Beach Police received a call about 5:30 a.m. Sunday of a vandalism in progress at Bonita Canyon Sports Park on Bonita Canyon Drive. A witness said a man in dark clothes tried to attach a chain to the base of the statue. The chain was connected to the back of his pickup and he appeared to be trying to pull the statue down."

On the Stephanie Miller radio show on Monday, Miller said this act of vandalism "is one of America's funniest liberal pranks." Yet everyone knows Miller the reflexive partisan would get the vapors if anyone tried to damage the "Little Barry Obama" statue in Indonesia.

Brian Maloney at the Radio Equalizer blog caught another jaw-dropper on the Stephanie Miller radio show. On the October 7 morning show, Jim Ward, Miller’s Rich Little-ish sidekick and cartoon “voice actor,” wished someone would feed Michele Bachmann “some listeria-filled canteloupe.” That's wishing-someone-dead talk. The current listeria death toll is 23.

After a clip of Michele Bachmann insisting that less regulations would mean that employers like she and her husband could create more jobs, Miller chimed in:

On Tuesday's edition of the Stephanie Miller radio show, she welcomed the one she called "Dreamy News Man," the former MSNBC anchor David Shuster, now just picking up anchoring scraps from that flailing show with the terminally arrogant former sportscaster on Current TV. Predictably, Shuster pleased the persistently Obama-cheerleading Miller by suggesting the Republicans were in "Crazy-land en masse" on Libya. It's apparently "absolutely crazy" to question the patience, the firmness, the wisdom of Team Obama's foreign policy:

The gay blog On Top reported that “comedian” Janeane Garofalo is the latest in a string of celebrities and activists suggesting Michele Bachmann’s therapist husband Marcus must be gay, including Cher, Jon Stewart, Jerry Seinfeld, and sex columnist/”It Gets Better” bully Dan Savage. Cher even said she wanted to strangle him.

This Marcus-is-gay line has also been a regular trope of liberal talk radio, from openly gay Stephanie Miller to Randi Rhodes to even Ron “Junior” Reagan, who knows something on this subject of aspersions from his ballet-dancing days.

... But that's OK because Miller is a liberal radio talker and Perry is a conservative governor. Hence, whatever it takes to demean Perry is justified, even if Miller loses her honor in the process.

Miller, you may recall, told her listeners in August 2010 that she's a lesbian. Having made this particular leap, Miller apparently wants Republican politicians she suspects of being gay to come out of the closet as well, regardless of whether they are so inclined.

Here's a clip of Miller and two of her coat catchers taking part in a sotte voce whispering campaign designed to knock Perry down a peg just in case he jumps into the presidential race and poses a threat to Dear Leader (audio clip below page break, courtesy of The Radio Equalizer) --

Stephanie Miller loathes Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann and one of the ways she expresses her contempt is through ludicrous speculation.

On her radio show last week, for example, Miller and her producer, Chris Lavoie, along with actor Hal Sparks, took a gratuitous whack at Palin and Bachmann (audio after page break, courtesy of The Radio Equalizer) --

On Thursday, liberal talk-radio hosts Randi Rhodes and Stephanie Miller each protested the one-week suspension of MSNBC host Ed Schultz for calling Laura Ingraham a “talk slut” on his radio show. Miller said of the S-word: “So, I wear it proudly. Some right women are soooo sensitive!”

It’s understandable Randi Rhodes might think this isn’t offensive. She was suspened by Air America for yelling that Hillary Clinton was a “big f—ing whore” in 2008. But she was really upset at the Schultz apology and suspension, insisting Schultz had used the word on her, too, and neither found it offensive:

While some networks have tried to say next to nothing about Obama’s Guantanamo flip-flop, they are not happy on liberal talk radio shows on Tuesday. Ex-MSNBC anchor David Shuster told Stephanie Miller he was disappointed that Obama’s been so conciliatory (wasn’t that part of his "purple state" appeal?)

SHUSTER: I though the President was very clear in his election campaign about okay we’re going to close Guantanamo and we’re going to reinstitute sort of the Constitution and Constitutional principles. I mean I think it gets back to sort of my issue with President Obama all along has been there’s such an effort I suppose to sort of want to be conciliatory and sort of you know reach sort of middle ground and compromise.

But I always thought the job of a President was to sort of use the bully pulpit to bring people towards your position. And say "You know what, this is what we stand for, and I’m going to use the megaphone of the Presidency to convince Americans why I am right."

Never heard of liberal radio host Stephanie Miller? You're about to hear a reason why.

Here's an example of Miller sharing with her listeners earlier this week what she considers humorous. Before playing this, you may want to clear any children -- and pets -- out of earshot.

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