Predictably, left-wing radio talker Mike Malloy blames the Family Research Council for being targeted by a pro-gay rights activist who allegedly opened fire at their headquarters and wounded a security guard.

What is surprising about Malloy's rant, even to those of us familiar with this most vampiric of radio hosts, is its jaw-dropped toxicity -- an American version of Radio Rwanda, circa 1994. (Audio clip after page break) --

You just knew he'd be in the running.

Mike Malloy, a left-winger so unhinged he was given the boot by Air America Radio, has uncorked a rant unsettling even for him. (audio clip after page break)

Just imagine the uproar there'd be if a conservative radio talk show host pretended to talk to the devil to find out how a recently deceased liberal activist is doing in Hell.

Now contrast that with the virtual media silence there's been since liberal radio host Mike Malloy acted as if he was on a phone call with Satan to learn how conservative activist Andrew Breitbart is faring in Hades.That incident took place on Tuesday during Malloy's program, which is heard in 13 markets across the nation and Sirius/XM radio. [Radio Equalizer's YouTube clip of this embedded below page break]

Natural disasters have a way of bringing out the worst on the Left. Flooding in Florida and wildfires in Colorado “inspired” nutty talk-show host Mike Malloy and the Daily Kos to rant about how conservatives in these states deserve these disasters because they’re anti-government, and too religious to boot.

Malloy teased from his atheist worldview, “Could that be, you know, Jesus or God saying hey, you know, we're sick of you right-wingers. We're sick of you religious nuts. We're gonna -- we're gonna flood you, we're gonna burn you?” Malloy mused maybe God was punishing the Christians at the Air Force Academy:

In a rural area where “The economy sucks when it’s good,” natural gas drilling could have gone a long way. Could have, until environmental extremists and regulators got in the way.

That’s what happened in Wayne County, Pa., just a few years ago when “corporations offered struggling farmers lucrative leases for mineral rights” but a documentary filmmaker and government prevented the drilling, according to a June 7, 2012 story from Bloomberg Businessweek magazine.

Liberal radio hosts were furious with the Catholic League for mocking Hillary Rosen after she attacked Ann Romney for not working. Their tweet said “Unlike Rosen, who had to adopt kids, Ann raised 5 of her own.” This was seen by liberals as signaling Rosen’s children adopted with former partner Elizabeth Birch were “less valid, less worthy of respect” and homophobic.

On Friday, Bill Press confused the Catholic League with the nation’s bishops (they are not connected), but on Thursday, rabid atheist Mike Malloy was nudged into erupting about "child-raping" Catholics and their scummy "Nazi pope":

Move over, Mike Malloy -- you might not be the most unhinged man in media.

Malloy's competition for this dubious distinction comes from Mike Papantonio, co-host of the radio show "Ring of Fire" when he isn't chasing ambulances to drive up billable hours or appearing on MSNBC. (audio clips after page break)

This could qualify as one of the craziest liberal rants ever broadcast on radio.

On Tuesday, libtalker Mike Malloy, whilst shouting about the Trayvon Martin shooting, asked, "How long before there'll be a 'Stand Your Pregnancy' law passed where any woman who starts menstruating can be shot dead because she wore a hoodie when she went out to buy a box of tampons?" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

Updated at bottom of post | This morning, NewsBusters publisher and Media Research Center founder Brent Bozell sent letters to Jay Farner and David Friend, the presidents of Quicken Loans and Carbonite, respectively, addressing the hypocrisy of how their companies pulled out of the Rush Limbaugh program over comments for which the conservative talker has since apologized, even as they continue to advertise on the programs of hateful left-wing radio hosts.

For example, Carbonite continues to advertise on Ed Schultz's radio program, although he maliciously slammed conservative author Laura Ingraham in May 2011 as a "right-wing slut" and "a talk slut."

Oh look, another unhinged left winger who other liberals will ignore while they continue their feigned indignation against Rush Limbaugh.

This time it isn't Maher or Olbermann or Matthews or Schultz or any of the usual suspects who warrant nary a glance from their ideological brethren when they spew hate that if uttered by anyone right of center would warrant immediate formation of a media lynch mob. (audio clip after page break)

Leftist talk radio host Mike Malloy never stops wishing for the death of conservatives. On January 6, he talked of "Sick Santorum," and said "I think he's Catholic, right? What you ought to do is call Francis Cardinal George out in Chicago and maybe you and he can get together for a cup of -- hemlock." He wants Santorum and Cardinal George to kill themselves.

On both January 6 and January 9, Malloy launched vicious broadsides against the Catholic Church. (On the 9th, he also said libertarians were perpetrators of violence.) He began on the 6th: "I hate to see an organization like the Catholic Church --  that has been one of the bloodiest, most suppressive, most oppressive, most violent organizations in the history of not just religion but of the entire human race try to claim victim status because a bunch of queers want to march a parade down the g*ddamn street! That's what drives me crazy!"

This is what happens when left wingers ignore another left winger with a microphone -- pathology.

Mike Malloy, a man so beyond the pale that he was fired by comparatively sane moonbats at the now-defunct Air America Radio, has again shown he's probably beyond redemption. (audio clip after page break)