CBS journalist Major Garrett on Friday derided Donald Trump, portraying the President as only really caring about crime when an immigrant commits it. Additionally, he repeated the bogus claim that the President in 2017 weakened efforts to stop the mentally ill from obtaining guns. 

On Monday, all three network morning shows read from the same script as they tried to preempt President Trump’s State of the Union address with dour coverage of “controversies looming” over the speech and the President’s “record-low approval rating.” The broadcasts also touted how “deeply divided” the nation was on the eve of Trump’s remarks.  

The revelations concerning missing FBI text messages continued to snowball on Tuesday as news trickled out that, via the remaining 50,000 texts, the FBI was home to a so-called “secret society” that began meeting after President Trump was elected. And despite how the revelations have been reported by other major news outlets, the three major network news outlets have been reluctant to cover them. ABC still had yet to report on the missing text messages, NBC was finally dragged to it, and CBS had started to downplay it.

Congressional Republicans and President Trump declared victory on Monday over the Democrats in the government shutdown, as the Resistance could hold out no longer and voted on the continuing resolution to fund the government. In exchange, they received a promise to negotiate and vote on DACA in the next few weeks. The three major network news outlets were notably disappointed and frustrated that their party caved after just three days.

After Democrats shut down the government on Friday over their demand to protect illegal immigrants from deportation, all three broadcast networks spent the weekend reaching back to 2013 to accuse Donald Trump of changing his mind on the legislative tactic. At the same time, NBC, ABC and CBS completely ignored the stunning hypocrisy of Democratic leader Chuck Schumer.

CBS This Morning journalist Major Garrett on Tuesday jumped to blame Donald Trump and Republican “hardliners” for a potential government shutdown. Garrett made little effort to find culpability for the liberal Democrats in the Senate who are demanding a clean DACA bill in return for keeping the government open.

The three network newscasts seemed to be doing their best to stir the public up into a full-blown panic Wednesday evening, feverishly slamming President Trump’s decision to move the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. They were clutching their pearls as they freaked out about how Trump was “reversing nearly 70 years of U.S. policy.”

In a serious and touching ceremony at the White House on Thursday, President Trump officially declared the opioid crisis a public health emergency. But following the move, many craven Democrats came out and claimed he wasn’t doing enough. And during their evening broadcasts, ABC and CBS held water for those partisan claims as they slung mud at the President. NBC, on the other hand, surprisingly touted the President’s actions.

While covering Republican efforts to reform the tax system and the health care industry, on Monday’s CBS This Morning, correspondent Major Garrett turned to Democrats to tear down both GOP agenda items, claiming the Trump administration tax plan was “angling to benefit the wealthy” and that the President “caved to conservatives” by maintaining his opposition to ObamaCare subsidies.

While the broadcast networks were thrilled in September at the prospect that President Trump might strike a deal with Democrats to pass DACA legislation, his call for border security to be part of any such proposal left the NBC, ABC, and CBS morning shows crying foul Monday morning as they channeled liberal outrage.

Along with the Las Vegas shooting and Puerto Rico, Thursday’s White House press briefing featured a litany of questions about morning tweets by President Trump requesting the Senate Intelligence Committee investigate journalists for their “Fake News.” Needless to say, CNN’s Jim Acosta led the way in showing his profession’s displeasure.

It didn’t take long on Monday for the liberal media to start calling for sweeping legislation restricting every Americans’ right to keep and bear arms in the wake of the mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada. Among the day’s false reports about how suppressors work and the overblown availability of fully automatic weapons, the Big Three Networks complained that not much was going to get done to push their anti-Second Amendment agenda while Trump was in office.