The usually even-keeled NBC News Trump correspondent Katy Tur seemed to have had enough on Thursday night as following the Republican presidential debate, Tur took to MSNBC to air a multitude of concerns about the growing number of violent incidents at Trump rallies to go along with Tuesday’s alleged bruising of Breitbart’s Michelle Fields by Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. 

On the eve of Super Tuesday, the network evening newscasts went all out with 24 minutes and 31 seconds of 2016 coverage and made it clear Donald Trump was far and away the most important story to them with over 62 percent of that time spent salivating on how “there’s not much” Trump opponents “can do to stop him from getting the nomination.” Trump fetched an astonishing 15 minutes and 19 seconds while his opponents received minuscule amounts with only 51 seconds for Senator Ted Cruz (Tex.) and two minutes and 15 seconds for Senator Marco Rubio (Fl.).

With New Hampshire in the dust and the 2016 presidential campaign moving southward to the Palmetto State, MSNBC's Chris Matthews tonight sought to paint conservative Republican Senator Ted Cruz as a latter-day Richard Nixon ginning up a bag full of "dirty tricks" for the February 20 South Carolina contest.

Catching up with Donald Trump in the "spin room" after Saturday's GOP debate, NBC's Hallie Jackson attempted to get Donald Trump to say who he thought "lost" the GOP debate, hoping, perhaps, to get the New Hampshire frontrunner to attack Sen. Marco Rubio. For his part, Trump refused to take the bait.

"[T[here is no way we get through this campaign without Donald Trump suing Ted Cruz."

That's a prediction that MSNBC All In host Chris Hayes dropped on his guests, NBC News Trump campaign correspondent Katy Tur and the Huffington Post's Sam Stein. For her part, Tur was inclined to disagree.

On Wednesday night, the “big three” networks of ABC, CBS, and NBC devoted 10 minutes and 43 seconds over four segments on their evening newscasts to 2016 GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s decision to boycott Thursday’s Fox News Channel (FNC) debate and, in that coverage, ABC and NBC hailed Trump as a “renegade” making “a very shrewd move” by “eviscerating” moderator Megyn Kelly and FNC.

Just over two weeks after the major network evening newscasts spent 24 minutes obsessing on December 8 over Donald Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims entering the U.S., the three programs returned on Tuesday night to devote ten and a half minutes to Trump’s declaration that Hillary Clinton was “schlonged” in 2008 by losing to then-Senator Barack Obama.

Acting as though the latest news the war against ISIS, new developments in the Hillary Clinton scandal or any other story barely existed, the “big three” networks of ABC, CBS, and NBC devoted a whopping 24 minutes and three seconds of their Tuesday evening newscasts to obsessing over Donald Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims entering the United States. Not surprisingly, NBC Nightly News led the way by spending nearly half its newscast on Trump with five segments adding up to 12 minutes and 34 seconds. 

Veteran MSNBC watchers have surely noticed the Obama-loving network's extreme hostility to black Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson. These attacks and the pressure against Carson, compared to other Republicans in the race, has been intense. As a black conservative, Dr. Carson has taken extreme criticism and scrutiny for his words.

Two days ago, as we reported here, Joe Scarborough and Nicolle Wallace excoriated Ben Carson, accusing him of telling "one lie after another" and "bald-faced lies."

Today, it was Mika Brezinski's turn to denounce the good doctor. On Morning JoeMika said "there's this slipperiness to him that nobody will just say. He's slippery. He doesn't tell the truth, and he doesn't make sense."

On tonight's edition of Hardball, MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews tried but failed to get NBC News correspondent Katy Tur, who's assigned to cover the Donald Trump presidential campaign, to speak negatively about the Republican candidate. She declined, saying, "you know I can't answer that!"

During a live-shot wherein she trashed Values Voters Summit attendees as the "far right" of the GOP, NBC correspondent Katy Tur was interrupted by an attendee who told her to quiet down.