On Tuesday, The Washington Post's Felicia Sonmez noted how MSNBC's Tamron Hall moderated the recent Congressional Black Caucus town hall where Rep. Andre Carson smeared the Tea Party by accusing them of wanting to bring back Jim Crow laws and endorsing the lynching of blacks. Former Obama aide turned NBC employee Joy-Ann Reid also attended the CBC event, but omitted Rep. Carson's attack from her report.

During the August 22 town hall in Miami, Carson, a leader within the liberal Congressional Black Caucus from Indiana, actually apologized to Hall in the midst of his inflammatory remarks against the Tea Party:

MSNBC contributor Joy-Ann Reid on Tuesday defended a controversial Michele Bachmann Newsweek cover, justifying that the Republican presidential candidate deserved it because she occasionally has the "crazy-eyes look."

Martin Bashir Guest host Jonathan Capehart didn't identify that Reid, the managing editor of TheGrio.com, is also a former press aide to Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign.