On Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough suggests, and John Heilemann emphatically agrees, that by criticizing vote-by-mail, President Trump is establishing a basis to refuse to accept the results of the election should he lose in November.  Heilemann says: "If he loses the election, he will stand up and say, this election was rife with fraud. We had way too much vote by mail. I do not accept the results of the election."

Despite arguing just days earlier that the media should continue to cover the daily White House press briefings from the Coronavirus Task Force, on Monday, MSNBC’s Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski dramatically flipped her position, wailing that the events were “a complete waste of time” that “literally have no value.”

In perhaps the most explosive accusation yet against President Trump made by a liberal media member regarding the coronavirus, Mika Brzezinski has accused the president of having a "financial tie" to someone that leads to him to promote the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat the virus.

On Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough says, regarding the coronavirus, that "everybody saw this coming in early January." Yet on Scarborough's own Morning Joe, on March 10th, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio repeatedly downplayed the threat of the virus. On today's Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough, criticizing President Trump, said: 

Along with Stephen L. Miller (@redsteeze), there’s perhaps no one more capable of eviscerating the liberal media’s partisan dishonesty with a sense of humor than Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfeld. Between monologues on his eponymous Saturday night show and Tuesday’s The Five, Gutfeld derided the media firefighters as “dumbbells….who [view] themselves as the protagonist in every issue, and you always the bad guy” and have “framed this [coronavirus] pandemic as their divisive playground.”

While the national coronavirus outbreak continues to receive wall-to-wall coverage, executives at CNN and MSNBC -- both liberal cable “news” channels -- are wrestling over whether to continue airing live press conferences being conducted by President Trump. The clash pits Democratic critics, who claim the Republican official is using the briefings to spread “misinformation,” versus those who have stated that their ratings have never been higher and  show no signs of dropping.

On Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough says "everybody was attacking this My Pillow guy," Mike Lindell, regarding his appearance at President Trump's press conference. Not "everybody," Joe. It was your fellow Trump-hating elitists, including your own NBC network and your own wife, who were doing the mocking. Scarborough and Willie Geist did go on to express appreciation for Lindell's pledge to produce 50,000 masks. 

If you believe the smears of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, the Trump administration is just about to release a Coronavirus policy allowing for the mass death of the elderly population. Of course, that’s not actually happening, but it didn’t stop Joe Scarborough from sliming conservatives and Republicans as bloodthirsty monsters.

On Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough, after reciting a litany of over-optimistic statements President Trump had made about the coronavirus, mistakenly stated: "Yesterday, in Donald Trump's hometown [NYC], 1,000 Americans died of the coronavirus." In fact, the 1,000 figure represents the total number of virus deaths in the entire USA since the beginning of the outbreak, not in NYC just yesterday. 

On Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough pleads with congressional leaders to strip out the provision in the coronavirus bailout bill that prohibits President Trump's companies from receiving relief. Scarborough argues that if the provision remains in the bill. Pres. Trump will have an incentive to make "rash" decisions to re-open the economy. In contrast, if the provision is taken out and his companies can receive relief, his only motivation will be to keep Americans healthy and safe. 

Joe Scarborough joined Andrea Mitchell on Thursday after President Trump and other government officials gave another press conference on the latest COVID-19 developments where he decried the "really strange spectacle" of Trump calling the media out for repeating Chinese propaganda.


There's a difference between warning the public to take a threat seriously, and throwing in the cards and saying doom is near. On Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough claims he "certainly" doesn't want "to scare anybody," but goes on to predict that there is a "very real possibility" that the US health care system "collapses."