On Sunday and Monday, all three network shows hailed rocker Bruce Springsteen’s decision to cancel a concert in North Carolina as further evidence of the “firestorm” and “growing backlash” against religious freedom laws recently passed there and in other states.

On Monday's New Day on CNN, co-host Michaela Pereira hosted a segment that slanted in favor of those on the left who are opposing current initiatives like the bathroom bill in North Carolina and the religious freedom bills in Georgia and Mississippi, with Pereira at one point fretting that the boycotts by businesses and entertainers will not be enough to thwart the measures. Speaking to Sarah Kate Ellis of GLAAD, the CNN anchor worried: "But, Sarah Kate, is that enough? Right? Is that enough? Is that going to build the momentum that you're looking for?"

Very little needs to be said about Sunday night’s edition of ‘I Am Cait,” other than the fact that the ratings must be every bit as bad as reported if the producers felt the need to pull this stunt.

The New York Times can’t get enough of a new study published in Science suggesting door-to-door canvassing can enlighten troglodyte citizens into supporting progressive policies like gay marriage, abortion (alongside Planned Parenthood), and gun control. The Times had just embraced the study in its news pages a few days before, and now contributing writer Benoit-Denizet Lewis devoted 5,000 words to the study helping liberals push their social issues.

Last week the New York Times, proving its social liberal bona fides, crowned North Carolina as the home of bathroom bigotry against transgenders. On Friday, it was Indiana’s new abortion restrictions that were up for vulgar mockery. Yet the same day, the Times also showed how to sell people on transgenderism, door to door. Reporter Mitch Smith celebrated feminist activism in the form of a rain of coordinated hostile tweets sent to Indiana’s Republican governor Mike Pence after he signed pro-life legislation: “Women Irked by Abortion Law Make Governor the Butt of Social Media Ridicule."

The transgender CEO of United Therapeutics said the company disapproved of North Carolina’s transgender bathroom law, which CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin described as “anti-LGBT.”

Squawk Box host Sorkin asked CEO Martine Rothblatt on April 7, 2016, about the state’s new law restricting transgender access to bathrooms of their choosing. Rothblatt reported that United Therapeutics opposed the law, and expressed confidence that legislation would move in a “progressive direction.”

On the Saturday edition of New Day, during a segment on the bathroom bill in North Carolina that would bar men from entering women's restrooms in state buildings and vice versa, CNN anchor Victor Blackwell oddly suggested that there was no significant difference between a man indecently exposing himself to a woman in a restroom, versus exposing himself to a another man, as the weekend anchor debated attorney Matt Staver of the Liberty Counsel.

Between Blackwell on Saturday, and Chris Cuomo on Monday, the two CNN anchors seemed to be in a contest to be the biggest liberal caricature on the issue of whether it is acceptable for men to go into women's restrooms.

Fusion, the hyper-left English-language media outlet run by Univision, continues to push the bounds of its Trans acceptance campaign, by now encouraging the indoctrination of our nation’s youth.

On Monday's New Day on CNN, co-host Chris Cuomo dismissively suggested that supporters of the "bathroom bill" in North Carolina that would bar men from using women's public restrooms in government buildings in reality support the measure because they "don't like these transgender people getting what they want." The segment almost seemed like a parody making fun of a liberal caricature as Cuomo seriously defended the idea of biological men choosing to identify themselves as women and using women's bathrooms.

Carolina was in the mind of the liberal New York Times this weekend. The state’s Republican governor Pat McCrory recently signed religious freedom legislation that included a provision stating people in government buildings must use the restroom associated with their biological sex, the one on their birth certificate. In other words, the way public bathrooms have always worked. The Times, naturally, saw bigotry against transgenders and electoral doom.

Days after he smeared the Last Supper as bland and ruled the didn’t blame Judas for betraying Jesus, NBC’s Late Night host Seth Meyers spent over seven minutes early Thursday morning viciously berating and decrying conservatives backing religious freedom laws in Georgia and North Carolina as segregationists alongside Christians, Chick-fil-A, and North Carolina Republican Governor Pat McCrory.

All too happy to give a hand to those opposed to religious freedom laws, the CBS Evening News continued to play its part in chastising those in favor of religious freedom and so-called bathroom bills with North Carolina’s version being “roiled by backlash, boycott threats, and bigotry allegations.”