Twitter Singles Out Michelle Malkin Tweet for Censorship


Twitter has censored a tweet by Michelle Malkin, a conservative voice, while taking no action against similar tweets from other users.

Anne Applebaum

A Trio of Terrified Trump Haters Warns of Fascism, Election-Stealing

"Apocalypse Now" would have been a fitting title for this Morning Joe segment from today's show. It featured three women painting a terrifying portrait of life under President Trump, and a prediction of further doom to come. 

New York Times Again Lets Leftist Twitter Edit Its Front Page

The New York Times appears to have once again caved to the radical left on Twitter and changed a perfectly accurate headline deemed sufficiently anti-Trump. This was the original banner headline on the front page of Tuesday’s first edition: “As Chaos Spreads, Trump Vows To ‘End It Now.’” After left-wing outcry, including from former Obama staffers and media favorites Jon Lovett (“Just…


STUDY: 99.3 % of TV's Protest Coverage Ignores Mob's Murder Victims

Broadcast networks ABC, CBS, and NBC have been consistent cheerleaders for the nationwide protests against police brutality, offering nearly 12 hours of coverage (710 minutes) over the past seven days on just their flagship morning and evening news shows. But despite dedicating all of those hours of airtime to the protests and riots, these networks have barely breathed a word about those who…

NYPD Curfew Crackdown - CBS

CBS Decries NYPD Enforcing Curfew, Ignores Officers Shot and Stabbed

On Thursday, CBS This Morning denounced the NYPD for “using batons and chasing people down” in Brooklyn while dispersing protesters and enforcing New York City’s 8:00 p.m. curfew Wednesday night. However, the report never mentioned that two police officers were shot and one was stabbed while defending stores from looters nearby.



Nets Outraged by 'Controversial' Pro-Flag Comments From NFL Player

NFL Quarterback for the New Orleans’ Saints Drew Brees came under immediate backlash from other athletes and the media yesterday after saying in an interview that players shouldn’t “disrespect” the American flag by protesting during the National Anthem. This statement was treated like heresy by the networks this morning, who hyped how “controversial” “tone-deaf” his comments were and hyped…

NYTimes Hits Rush & Co. on Floyd: ‘Conservative Media Outrage Machine'

Sunday’s New York Times tried to put “law and order conservatives,” not liberal riot supporters, on the defensive in the violent aftermath of the unjust death under police custody of George Floyd in Minneapolis: “Floyd Case Presents Ideological Challenge for Law-and-Order Conservatives.” The text box: “Even Limbaugh and Pirro can’t defend an officer’s actions.”

Bakari Sellers CNN

CNN's Bakari Sellers: George Wallace Looking 'Up' at Trump With Smile

Speaking of the use of force to clear protesters prior to President Trump's appearance in front of St. John's Episcopal Church, CNN commentator Bakari Sellers says, "the only thing I could think of was George Wallace is probably looking 'up' at him with a smile." He thus suggested that Wallace is in Hell, and by extension, that Trump is a kindred spirit. 


GMA Omits Disney Star Demanding Natl. Guard Protest Trump's 'Race War'


Former Good Morning America host and Disney Channel star Keke Palmer is being praised for video of her getting National Guardsmen to take a knee against police brutality. Though her colleagues must be so proud of her for getting these Army guys to genuflect, they edited out part of Palmer’s message that included a rant about Trump and his supporters starting a “race war.”


CNN Likens Anti-Riot Actions to 'Tiananmen Square' Massacre

On Tuesday morning's New Day on CNN, Trump derangement syndrome was on full display as CNN regulars spread misinformation and freaked out over the dispersal of rioters in Lafayette square before President Donald Trump's speech on the riots across the country. As the group incorrectly claimed that the protesters were all peaceful and that tear gas was used against them, CNN legal…

Protests and Pandemic

Nets Declare ‘Virus of Hate May Be More Dangerous’ Than COVID

After having spent weeks trashing anti-lockdown protests during the coronavirus pandemic as racist and a threat to public health, on Wednesday, the broadcast networks tried to excuse the same COVID concerns amid nationwide protests over the death of George Floyd. In part, journalists argued “the virus of hate may be more dangerous” and that racism was the real pandemic.



While Hyping Peaceful Protesters, NBC Ignores Man Murdered by Looters

The big three networks continued to gaslight Americans by insisting that protests and riots across the country were “mostly peaceful” while cities burn, policemen are attacked and both officers and bystanders are assaulted and in some cases, murdered. Another one of these tragic cases happened Tuesday as 77-year-old retired police captain David Dorn was murdered by looters who shot him in cold…


Univisión critica a Trump por sostener Biblia, ignora vandalismo


En shock. Así dijeron estar los integrantes de un panel de "expertos" en Despierta América de Univisión, ante la imagen del presidente Donald Trump frente a la Iglesia de St. John´s en Washington, D.C., con una Biblia en la mano. El comentario, como es de esperar, es una réplica exacta de la retórica en los medios de comunicación angloparlantes de corte liberal.


Antifa-Backing Cuomo Declares Protests Are Not Required to Be Peaceful

As NewsBusters has extensively documented, CNN host Chris “Fredo” Cuomo has an affinity for the left-wing terrorist group Antifa; claiming they had a “good cause” and “morality” on their side. So, it came as no surprise when, on Tuesday’s Cuomo PrimeTime, he emphatically argued that protests were under no obligation to be peaceful.