CNN is only the “facts first” network when those “facts” don’t disrupt their liberal narrative. The network proved that yet again on last night’s CNN Tonight when host Don Lemon shot down a Trump campaign adviser after he accused the media of reporting negatively about ICE agents.

Deadspin is a blog that loves to roast ESPN for its many shortcomings. Reporter Laura Wagner criticized The Worldwide Leader in (Liberal) Sports, led by its new president Jimmy Pitaro, for sticking to sports and rolling over like a lapdog to please its NFL Monday Night Football master. Her insults follow remarks by ESPN's new president, Jimmy Pitaro, that were reported in a recent story published by The Washington Post about the network's relationship with the National Football League.

The South African government has begun seizing land from white farmers, following an August 1 ruling which amended that nation’s constitution to legalize the practice. Despite the disturbing ramifications of this human rights abuse at the hands of a foreign government, both cable and network news have remained stubbornly silent on the issue. 

In the last couple of days, FNC's Fox and Friends has given attention to the far-left violent group Antifa -- which is sometimes defended by the liberal media -- who have a history of making attacks on not only mainstream conservatives but also on the dominant left-leaning media.

CNN ignored President Trump’s speech at an event honoring ICE and Customs and Border Patrol on Monday, having calculated that their time was better spent complaining about a day-old tweet. As the President addressed a room full of law enforcement and administration officials at the White House, CNN’s Brooke Baldwin spoke a length with author Arthur Herman about a weekend tweet in which Trump had compared Special Counsel Robert Mueller to Senator Joseph McCarthy.

Sports Illustrated legal writer Michael McCann, an associate dean of law at the University of New Hampshire School of Law, seems to want Colin Kaepernick to win his collusion lawsuit against the NFL just a "little" too badly. And at the expense of Denver Broncos' general manager John Elway. McCann offers eight ways that could happen, but isn't very convincing or objective in his arguments.

Former Fox News military analyst Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters appeared on CNN’s Reliable Sources Sunday morning to recite a litany of vapid leftwing talking points against President Trump. During his interview with Brian Stelter, the nascent Trump derangement sufferer dubbed Fox News “prostitutes” guilty of “assaulting the constitution,” declared that President Trump was “enthralled to Vladimir Putin,” and spitefully smeared Trump supporters as “couch-potato anarchists.”

So much for the land of the free! We who oppose protest in sports (see file photo of Philadelphia Eagles' protesters) are really "fascists" and should think about moving to a backwards nation, writes USA Today's Brent Schrotenboer. Furthermore, the man in the White House is engaged in a "fascist frenzy." Standing for the national anthem is indicative of a fascist political philosophy that “exalts nation and often race above the individual," and is symbolic of "a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.”

Yes, that headline is real. In covering the effort by over 350 newspapers to collude against President Trump, Wednesday’s Hardball featured MSNBC host Chris Matthews alluding to Thomas Paine’s Common Sense and Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin in the segment promoting the anti-Trump collusion campaign started by The Boston Globe.

The Boston Globe’s call for a concerted media effort against the President came to fruition on Thursday as more than 350 papers across the country ran editorials decrying President Trump’s attacks on the news media. The paper's managing director Linda Henry appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Thursday morning to accept praise for her organization’s efforts

It's quite simple: Some political relatives are more equal than others. Agenda-driven journalists love to exploit familial dysfunction when a prominent politician is conservative and his or her kinfolk espouse liberal views. When a vengeful offspring, sibling, cousin or distant relation wants to wreak havoc, instant fame and adoration are just a tweet or call away. The media schadenfreude over such bloody bloodline battles is thicker than California wildfire smoke.

In an un-bylined article, the SBNation blog bitterly complains about the politics of those who oppose NFL protests while fully supporting the left-wing political activities of players who protest the flag and the veterans who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. SBN also praises the political activities athletes are taking off the field, undermining the reasons they protest on the field.