Hay dos cosas que se pueden esperar de Jorge Ramos en la postrimería inmediata de un tiroteo en masa: un segmento debalanceado en favor del control de armas en el semanario político Al Punto, y una columna más desbalanceada a lo largo de las plataformas digitales de Univision. Conforme a esta costumbre, se postularán argumentos fundamentados en medias verdades y hechos tergiversados. Las Vegas no fue la excepción.

On Friday, Lisa Marie Pane and Emily Swanson at the Associated Press betrayed more than a little sadness that "The slaying of five dozen people in Las Vegas did little to change Americans’ opinions about gun laws." This unfortunate (in their view) polling result was achieved despite a ridiculous weighting of the poll's sample towards Democrats accompanied by a failure to identify the overall political outlooks (vs. party affiliations) of those who were sampled.

To the liberal media, talking to conservatives is like speaking a foreign language. Even they admit it. Never fear, Newsweek has the solution to the liberal media’s issues with the NRA: Get Taylor Swift to talk to conservatives. Emily Gaudette wrote on October 18, “If Everytown [anti-gun non-profit organization] wants to force difficult conservations among those who oppose gun laws, they need to recruit the celebrities those people love: Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, and Sam Hunt.”


Hollywood, the same corrupt place that let sexual predators like Harvey Weinstein run amok for three decades, is here to tell you that the NRA is evil.


RESTON, Va. — On Thursday, Media Research Center President Brent Bozell released the following statement reacting to a new MRC study finding that the top films in Hollywood relentlessly glamorize gun violence: 

Last week Stephen Paddock killed at least 59 Las Vegas concert-goers using automatic weapons. Reportedly aided by “bump stocks” that made his semi-automatic rifles into automatic weapons, his killing spree was the worst in U.S. history.


Tuesday, after over eight months of lower-court legal maneuvering, the Supreme Court "dismissed a major challenge to President Trump's travel ban on majority-Muslim countries ... because it has been replaced by a new version, sending the controversy back to the starting block." Perhaps the weakest argument by someone in the media against what the Supreme Court ultimately did — that Trump's related order "does nothing on security" — was made in a Sunday tweet by Matthew Dowd, someone who should know better.

As sure as water is wet and the sun rises in the east, Univision's Jorge Ramos will have a segment on gun control in the immediate aftermath of a mass shooting incident. Per this sad custom, arguments will be laid out based on gross misrepresentations of fact. The most recent edition of the activist-anchor's weekly Al Punto show was no exception.

Tuesday’s episode of FX’s American Horror Story: Cult tried to make a statement on guns in an odd way. The episode titled “Mid-Western Assassin” opens with a mass shooting at a campaign rally, but in the wake of the Las Vegas shootings, the scene was re-edited for broadcast.

It’s been more than a week since gunman Stephen Paddock killed 59 people and wounded more than 500 others attending the Route 91 Harvest country music festival in the Las Vegas strip on Sunday, October 1, but liberals are still trying to use this tragedy to push for stricter gun-control laws. Joining the fray on the Sunday edition of Fareed Zakaria GPS (Global Public Square) on the Cable News Network, the host called for laws to be enacted to restrict gun possession apparently without knowing that those laws are already on the books.

Appearing as a guest on Monday's Tucker Carlson Tonight on FNC, frequent MSNBC guest and liberal Republican Richard Painter had a great deal of trouble explaining how more gun control might have stopped the Las Vegas mass shooting or other mass shootings as host Carlson challenged him on the subject. Painter -- who has a history of excoriating the NRA -- has recently been using his Twitter account to attack the pro-gun group and Republicans it supports, referring to NRA campaign spending as "blood money."

On Sunday's AM Joy, Washington Post columnist and disaffected former Republican Jennifer Rubin joined in with MSNBC liberals Joy Reid and E.J. Dionne to trash the National Rifle Association and its executive vice president, Wayne LaPierre, as the group pushed for more gun control. And for his part, Dionne ended up suggesting that congressional Republicans should remove metal detectors from the Capitol "if they're not going to protect the rest of us," leading to agreement from host Reid.