On Thursday's Andrea Mitchell Reports on MSNBC, host Mitchell not only fretted that First Daughter Ivanka Trump was not doing enough to "lobby" against aggressive enforcement of immigration laws, but she also seemed taken aback that Attorney General Jeff Sessions pushed for such enforcement as a "deterrent" as if such a motivation were a scandal, even though the Barack Obama administration also pursued what it called an "aggressive deterrence policy" to ward off asylum seekers from Central America.

On Wednesday's New Day show, CNN host Alisyn Camerota not surprisingly showed a double standard in pressing conservative CNN contributor Rick Santorum from the left on the issue of separating families who cross the border illegally, while going softer on Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal in a later segment. Camerota not only misinformed Santorum and CNN viewers by claiming that legal asylum seekers are separated from their children, but she also tried to shame the conservative former Senator for blaming the parents for the plight of their children by demanding: "Rick, does that make you able to sleep better at night, to blame the parents?"

On Tuesday morning, FNC continued to update viewers on the case of an illegal immigrant from Haiti, Wisner Desmaret, with a past criminal record who murdered a Florida police officer after managing to avoid deportation for years. The other networks continued to ignore the story even as ABC and CBS ran full reports on Tuesday morning on the case of Thurman Blevins, who was killed recently by Minneapolis police.

Univision, the nation’s leading Hispanic network that has recently been convulsed by severe financial setbacks and major layoffs, continues to provide totally supportive, acritical publicity for organizations that have the elimination of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in their crosshairs.

After Fort Myers police officer Adam Jobbers-Miller passed away over the weekend because of injuries sustained when he was shot on duty a week earlier, FNC's Fox and Friends ran updates on the sad news on both Sunday and Monday morning as the other networks ignored the story. FNC also informed viewers that the killer, Wisner Desmaret, is an illegal immigrant with a previous criminal record who was never deported.

McAllen, Texas public officials appeared to be caught lying by omission on Monday after CBS correspondent David Begnaud reported via Twitter that they were failing to disclose the legal status of seven suspects involved in a jewelry store robbery. It was a scoop backed up by two federal law enforcement sources familiar with the case but during that night’s CBS Evening News, the network completely ignored it.

On Monday afternoon, CNN went into full-blown panic mode directing anger and bitterness at the Daily Caller’s Saagar Enjeti and Reuters’s Roberta Rampton following President Trump’s press conference with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte in which neither U.S. reporter asked the President the questions CNN wanted them to. 

On Sunday's AM Joy on MSNBC, during an update on the reunification of illegal immigrant children with their parents, MSNBC correspondent Mariana Atencio suggested that the enforcement of immigration laws by the Trump administration is motivated by "racism and xenophobia" as she recalled the cace of a detained illegal immigrant mother who is still waiting for her child to be reunified with her.

On Saturday's AM Joy on MSNBC, during a discussion of the Tea Party movement's origin and evolution, Washington Post columnist and MSNBC contributor Jennifer Rubin charged that the movement is "angry about race" because President Donald Trump gave them permission to be, and ended up calling the GOP a "wackadoodle party." Host Joy Reid oddly continued to identify Rubin as "conservative" in spite of all the liberal positions she has taken on a number of issues since she began appearing regularly as a commentator on MSNBC.

As NewsBusters has previously documented, one of the big recurring problems in media coverage of the Trump administration prosecuting immigrants who cross the border illegally is the conflation of asylum seekers who follow the proper process and those who sneak across the border and then apply for asylum after they are caught. As focus this week has turned to the court-imposed deadline for returning some children to their illegal immigrant parents, this same conflation problem has popped up again. 

Telemundo lately cannot seem to resist the temptation to present as news to its television audience viral social media videos, even when the videos in question do not stand up to the most minimum scrutiny as legitimate news. The latest case involves the decision of the Spanish-language sister network of NBC to feature on its national morning show a viral Facebook video of a Border Patrol agent routinely and politely asking Greyhound bus passengers for their legal status documentation, as permitted by law, within 100 miles of the U.S. border.

On Wednesday's CNN Tonight, host Don Lemon devoted an entire segment to a family in which a woman who voted for Donald Trump now regrets voting for him because her daughter-in-law has since been deported to Mexico. After the segment began by heavily suggesting that she had no criminal record, Lemon finally informed viewers that she had been arrested several years ago for a DWI. The CNN host also wrongly suggested that illegal immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than legal immigrants even though a recent CATO study found that illegal immigrants have a homicide rate five times that of legal immigrants.