The Human Rights Campaign unveiled their new guide for trans sex and it’s about as weird as you can imagine.


On Thursday FX released a trailer for its upcoming series on Hulu Mrs. America about conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly’s fight against radical feminists and the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) in the 1970s. You can tell, based on the video and coverage of it, where sympathies are supposed to lie.

The NBC sitcom Superstore regularly carries water for liberal causes ranging from illegal immigration to unionization. This week, in the episode “Lady Boss,” on January 9, the show pulled out all the stops for radical feminism. The feminist push began when Jonah (Ben Feldman), the store’s resident left-wing activist and all-around annoying busy-body, desperately looked for a cause to latch onto now that the store’s unionization hopes have died.

“Juice” singer Lizzo’s peppy embrace of herself as a confident obese woman may be a fun (albeit bizarre) pop culture fad in the short term, but one famous weight loss coach reminds us that it might not be so positive in the long term.

GLAAD media will be recognizing pop megastar Taylor Swift’s commitment to LGBTQ issues during the gay entertainment lobby’s annual award show later this year.

I had the displeasure of watching Ilana Glazer's (Broad City) standup comedy special, released January 3, which earned its low 2.5 star rating on Amazon Prime. I wasn't expecting to find the humor particularly to my liking, but I wasn't expecting to find it so objectively unfunny, either. It looked like it was filmed in a pretty small venue, and the meager audience barely even laughed at her jokes.

Feminists demand that men must love feminist movies -- even movies based on classic literature with plucky women in period costumes. On Friday, The New York Times published an opinion piece with the headline: "Men Are Dismissing ‘Little Women.’ What a Surprise.The rejection of the latest screen adaptation of the beloved novel echoes a long-held sentiment toward women-centered narratives."

Michiko Kakutani, former chief book critic for the New York Times, saw out the decade in paranoid fashion, laying out her left-wing overview of the 2010s in the Sunday Review, “The End of Normal -- Over the past decade, social media, the Great Recession and Donald Trump combined to bring out the ‘indigenous American berserk." She ranted: "With his calls to 'Make America Great Again,' Mr. Trump appealed to a different sort of nostalgia -- for an era when white men were in charge and women, African Americans, Hispanics and immigrants knew their place."

Two years after renowned Minnesota Public Radio host Garrison Keillor lost his job due to multiple allegations of sexual harassment, he’s back in the limelight. This time he’s being featured in a popular Minnesotan magazine.


Ah a Democratic Presidential debate. The only contest in which the usage of the phrase “pillow fight” generates excitement. No, really. GLAAD, the speech Stasi for all things LGBT, blasted Politico for using the phrase in reference to a less-than-brutal debate exchange between South Bend, Indiana Mayor Buttigieg (who is gay) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (who isn’t an Indian), claiming it “offended people.”

Turns out Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling might not be as progressive as she thought. Recently, the fantasy writer angered radical LGBTQ folks on social media for tweeting a defense of a person fired for believing that there are only two genders. The author has since been called a “transphobe,” or more specifically a “TERF” (trans exclusive radical feminist.)

Here are several questions for biologists and medical professionals: If a person is found to have XY chromosomes (heterogametic sex), does a designation as female on his birth certificate, driver's license or Social Security card override the chromosomal evidence? Similarly, if a person is found to have XX chromosomes (homogametic) does a designation as male on her birth certificate, driver's license or Social Security card override the chromosomal evidence?