MSNBC commentator Anand Giridharadas attacked Americans’ obsession with freedom on Wednesday’s edition of Morning Joe, suggesting it blinded them to issues like the virus and “climate change.” Co-anchor Willie Geist asked: “What do we learn from this?” Giridharadas complained that “[t]here is a primordial American tradition going back to the founders of being freedom-obsessed even though we’re a country founded on slavery, genocide — being freedom-obsessed to the point that we’re always so afraid of the government coming for us, that we are blind to other types of threats.”

Expressly biased reporting is alive and well at Univision, especially when given the chance to push their political agenda with one-sided stories that air with no debate: unquestioned and unchallenged. This hasty report by Washington correspondent Edwin Pitti, regarding a fifth economic aid package, warned about a “new political battle between Republicans and Democrats”, wherein the Dems were akin to knights in shining armor, and Trump, of course, the villain on the black horse.

On Monday, CNN’s PrimeTime host, congenital liar, and former coronavirus patient Chris “Fredo” Cuomo lectured Americans about daring to leave their homes to get fresh air amid the coronavirus pandemic even though he broke quarantine on April 8. For Tuesday’s show, Fredo was back and up to no good, implying President Trump was comfortable with dead Americans as a result of reopening the economy.

Algo curioso ocurrió de camino a la embestida a Trump que se proponía dar el noticiero de la tarde de Univisión dedicado al coronavirus. La trasquilada surgió cuando la ex Secretaria del Tesoro, Rosario Marín, habló fuera de libreto y validó la decisión de Trump de reabrir la economía de la nación.

Former New Jersey governor and current ABC contributor Chris Christie came under the wrath of the hosts of The View Tuesday, after he pointed out that people were going to continue to die from COVID-19, but we needed to keep reopening the economy. Each host attacked the Republican, saying he wanted to sacrifice "old lives for the economy," and falsely claiming that no lives were at risk from the lockdown.

A funny thing happened on the way to bashing Trump at Univision´s afternoon coronavirus newscast. An interview with former Secretary of Treasury Rosario Marin badly backfired when she wandered off-script and actually validated Trump's decision to reopen the nation's economy.

One of the premier national unions for liberal outlets such as NBC News Digital, The Washington Post and The New York Times actually voted to request the government finance the news industry with taxpayer dollars. Surprisingly, it was The Times that released the story Sunday May 3. The article noted how the president of the “most prominent journalists’ union in the country, the NewsGuild, crossed a line that once seemed unimaginable: He asked the government for money.” Then came the kicker: “The guild’s leaders voted to request “‘public financing for journalism.’”

Have you noticed that a lot of lefties are more or less admitting they don’t want the nation to recover from the Chinavirus lockdowns? Yes, there was AOC with her bubblegum wrapper economics degree celebrating the oil industry’s free fall. But there are more: celebrity climate change cultists who care more about trees than humans; to race pimps who maintain that those demanding to get back to work don’t care about “black and brown.” The left is getting bolder about rooting against the nation.

Liberal billionaire Warren Buffett apparently doesn’t believe that the coronavirus will cripple the might of the U.S. economy in the long-run. A prominent liberal business figure like Buffett voicing such sentiments provides ammunition to President Donald Trump, who also predicted that the economy is “going to make a very strong comeback.” Buffett stated during a virtual shareholder meeting that “‘Nothing can basically stop America,’” according to CNBC. “‘The American miracle, the American magic has always prevailed and it will do so again.’” The implication here (intentional or not) is that the current economy is robust enough to beat back the fallout caused by states shutting down their economies indefinitely.

On Joy Reid's show, guest Andrew Zimmern, discussing what he claimed to be a lack of protective gear on farms, says he hopes it's just ineptitude, and not a " cabal of conspiracy." Zimmern says he prays that he's "not being a delusional paranoid, but something tells me there is something else going on." Joy Reid encourages Zimmern's paranoia, saying that from the time President Trump was elected she was telling people to use their "lurid imagination, because there’s almost nothing they wouldn’t do."

When CNBC reports the markets are showing signs of fighting back against the coronavirus fallout, you’d think that’d be newsworthy for sister network NBC’s evening news broadcast. Apparently not. CNBC had reported stunning results after the markets closed yesterday. The outlet noted that the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 “posted their best month since the 1980s.” CNBC continued: “Optimism has been driven by hopes that economies will gradually begin to reopen, as well as by positive results from a Gilead Sciences drug trial for a coronavirus treatment.” Thursday’s edition of NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt skipped that whole story.

It finally happened. A liberal outlet got around to saying this was President Donald Trump’s economy, but only because it’s being wrecked by the Wuhan coronavirus. In an April 29, Politico Playbook PM newsletter, which aggregates top headlines, Politico had this disgusting headline take the #2 spot in its list written in all caps: “PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP’S CORONAVIRUS ECONOMY."