On Thursday afternoon, news broke that a Republican Party office in Wyoming was set on fire just two days after it first opened. Local authorities say the fire was set intentionally but despite the disturbing details of the incident, the network evening broadcasts of ABC’s World News Tonight, CBS Evening News, and NBC Nightly News all ignored it.

The most embarrassing moment throughout the entire confirmation process for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh didn’t even involve him directly. In an obvious case of grandstanding Thursday, New Jersey Senator Cory Booker issued hollow threats about released allegedly confidential e-mails from the nominee, which he said could get him expelled from the Senate. Despite being called out for his presidential ambitions, Booker pompously declared it was his “I am Spartacus moment.”

Michael Cohen’s attorney Lanny Davis appeared on Thursday’s edition of ABC’s The View where he fielded questions about his time as Harvey Weinstein’s legal counsel and his false claims to CNN. In the midst of being peppered with questions about what his client actually knew about Trump’s understanding of the Trump Tower meeting, co-host Joy Behar demanded to know what was being done to “fix” the media’s credibility after what he did.

Wednesday’s 12-hour Senate confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh brought with it some substantive discussions for once. Senators peppered the candidate with hypothetical questions about how he would rule in certain situations. Kavanaugh being a studied judicial mind, he avoided giving his opinion because that was how Democrats sunk the nomination of Robert Bork. But ABC correspondent Terry Moran was not having any of it and acted like it wasn’t normal.

As the Supreme Court confirmation process for Trump nominee Brett Kavanaugh descends into Democratic-inspired pandemonium, New York Times congressional reporter Carl Hulse skipped the Democratic-inspired partisanship of previous Supreme Court hearings in two pieces for the New York Times, while reporter Sheryl Gay Stolberg pondered if Kavanaugh was a threat to women's rights.

El aullido de algunas empresas estadounidenses en contra de las nuevas restricciones impuestas por el gobierno de Trump la preferencia de estas por importar a los Estados Unidos cientos de miles de empleados de tecnología que reciben menor paga, sin duda es noticia, pero cuando solo se presenta un lado de la misma, ello se convierte en periodismo deshonesto. Sin embargo, la visión unilateral de las relaciones públicas de dichos intereses corporativos fueron justo lo que presentó el noticiero vespertino Despierta América, de Univisión, en su informe sobre una carta circulada por la “Mesa Redonda Empresarial” en la que se queja sobre la implementación del gobierno de Trump de su política 'Compra americano, contrata americanos' relacionada a las visas H-1B.

Leaving the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing to spend two segments hyperventilating over Bob Woodward’s upcoming book on the Trump White House, CNN Newsroom afternoon host Brooke Baldwin gave CNN contributor and anti-Trumper John Dean the floor to slam Kavanaugh. In addition, Baldwin misled viewers by not only just footnoting that Dean will testify later this week at Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing, but did not mention how he would be doing it as a witness on behalf of Senate Democrats to thwart Kavanaugh’s chances of reaching the Supreme Court.

CNN’s already shaky credibility took a pretty big hit last week after Michael Cohen’s attorney, Lanny Davis came out and admitted he was the key source behind their erroneous reporting that suggested President Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting in advance. Despite host Brian Stelter being on vacation, nothing was different during Sunday’s Reliable Sources with John Avlon at the helm, as he and the panel tried to downplay the controversy as something that “happens all the time”.

On Friday’s Today show, NBC News acknowledged allegations from former investigative producer Rich McHugh that the network tried to kill reporting from McHugh and fellow journalist Ronan Farrow exposing the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault scandal. However, the vast majority of the paltry one-minute-eight-second report, 43 seconds (63%), focused on NBC’s denial of the claim.

The Washington Post followed the example of The New York Times with a Thursday article that played up the role of conservative Catholics in the release of a former Vatican diplomat's recent "testimony" against Pope Francis. Michelle Boorstein emphasized that "conservative Catholic media outlets have become power players by conveying the anti-Francis point of view." She also zeroed in on the role of "powerful Italian conservatives" in breaking the story.

On Thursday, NBC News was rocked by back-to-back investigative reports by The New York Times and The Daily Beast detailing breaches of journalistic integrity and threats to “smear” Ronan Farrow, who has since left the organization. His crime? Trying to expose Harvey Weinstein’s predatory behavior. If the accusations are accurate, it could explain why NBC superstar Matt Lauer was allowed to get away with what he was doing for decades.

In a report out Thursday, the Justice Department sided with a group of Asian-Americans suing Harvard University for what they allege is racial discrimination in the admissions process by setting higher standards for them. That critical DOJ report could help propel the case to the Supreme Court, but for ABC’s World News Tonight and NBC Nightly News, it was less important than speculating about when Attorney General Jeff Sessions was going to be fired.