There are a couple ways to create a new hit show: great dialogue (House), groundbreaking concept (Lost), or you can just show lots of boobs. Apparently Netflix, or Nipflix as they could be called, opted for the latter option with their latest original series, Easy.

What does it take for lefty Democrats to be convinced that the U.S. should intervene in a foreign country to protect innocent life? As we learned in BrainDead’s “The Path to War Part One: The Gathering Political Storm,” it is a warm and fuzzy picture of a baby seal. Those big eyes did what human exploding heads couldn’t – brought a female lefty to tears.

Baywatch star Pamela Anderson is part of the latest anti-salmon farming campaign with an organization helmed by a man who has argued that the global population should be reduced by several billion people. Anderson, already on the board of directors of the radical Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, partnered with them to investigate the supposedly secretive world of salmon farming and film a PSA about alleged health and environmental risks.

Most vegans are bigots. At least, that’s the implication of the latest “scientific” discoveries reported by Vox. According to Vox, fish have decent proficiency at human face recognition. That doesn’t just make fish one step ahead of iPhoto. Although it may be a tough hook to swallow, Vox concludes, fish probably have rights too.

In just over the last 24 hours, the Media Research Center fetched two mentions on both CNN and the Fox News Channel (FNC) with the latter network devoting a segment to a study by MRC Culture’s Katie Yoder comparing network coverage of the Cincinnati gorilla shooting versus the latest violence in Chicago.

PETA is at it again, getting down and dirty with its activism.

In a “Behind the Leather” video, PETA showed customers shopping for leather products, only to find grisly insides. The anti-leather products stunt was an effort to raise awareness about the way exotic skin products are made in southeast Asia.

Progressives kowtowed to the Pope after he commented on climate change and homosexuality. But one liberal activist in the entertainment industry thought he left an important cause unplowed: cow poop.

 Russell Simmons, the so-called “godfather of hip-hop” and CEO of Rush Communications, urged the Pope to speak out against animal agriculture, in part, because cow manure produced greenhouse gas emissions. 

You know the look you get from your liberal friends when you mention slippery slopes? Well, get prepared to see a lot of those if you discuss this week's episode of Broad City, “Game Over.” Let's start by saying this show is rude and crude times ten and not recommended for human consumption. So don't feel like you need to watch to see just how bad it is. Trust us, it's that bad. On top of being disgusting, it isn't even funny. One laugh per show...maybe.

The sophomore TV Land show Younger, about a 40-year-old divorcée who pretends to be 26 to get a job in the New York publishing industry, shocked viewers with a scene of bestiality this week. Real mature.

Apparently stymied by the lack of real crime taking place in New York City, NBC’s The Mysteries of Laura resorted to incorporating the fake-crime, look-at-me, I’m-feeling-something-now antics of animal rights activists in Wednesday night’s episode.

Mainstream outlets have used polar bears to show the alleged dangers of climate change, but now this left-wing mascot is making its way to the big screen.

Norm of the North will bring environmentalist propaganda back to theaters with its story of a talking polar bear who rescues his Arctic home from a housing development project “for the one percent.”

There is a tiger in Nevada who happens to be living a higher standard of living than most human children in Africa, which has been the source of much consternation in liberal circles.