Moms who have suffered miscarriages are slamming Planned Parenthood for its tweet comparing miscarriage to abortion. The liberal media have yet to cover it – but that’s not stopping more women from chiming in.

On the December 10 episode of Shameless, we are reminded that teen mother Debbie is a hot mess, as she spends the episode "Icarus Fell and Rusty Ate Him" trying to get her hands on the morning-after pill so that she doesn't end up having a second child on the way at the tender age of sixteen.

MSNBC journalists on Tuesday rushed to the defense of the Democrat in Alabama’s Senate race, spinning Doug Jones as “moderate” and “conservative.” This despite his support for abortion and some gun control policies. 

Reporting from Northern Virginia, New York Times Michael Tackett’s full-page, 1,700-word story led Tuesday’s National section: “Outraged and Inspired, Women Join the Political Fray.” The online headline got more specifically partisan: “Women Line Up to Run for Office, Harnessing Their Outrage at Trump.” It’s the latest in a pattern of Times pieces trying to drum up (Democratic) women candidates and votes to dent or overturn Republican congressional majorities and further hurt President Trump.

A new book is remembering the legacy of an abortionist whose services were “a kind of public utility, not unlike the water or fire department.” Except for that, instead of saving lives, she was ending them.

Two years ago, I noted The Washington Post couldn’t find any staffers or any space to cover the closing of Amethyst Health Center for Women, the abortion clinic near my home in Manassas, Virginia. And now, the Post again could not find space when this former abortion clinic was blessed by the local Catholic bishop Michael Burbidge as the new Mother of Mercy Free Clinic. To pro-lifers, it felt like a modern miracle, decades of prayer answered.

One of every three babies is aborted in New York City – a third of all the new lives conceived in the Five Boroughs. Seems newsworthy, but don’t expect to hear that number from the networks. The day after Thanksgiving, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released its most recent Abortion Surveillance report, revealing U.S. abortion data for the year of 2014. For the pro-life movement, 2014 symbolizes the year after the conviction of abortionist Kermit Gosnell and the year before the Center for Medical Progress released its Planned Parenthood tapes.


Washington Post correspondent Monica Hesse specializes in pro-abortion valentines. Two years ago, Hesse penned a long, sympathetic story on a Wyoming woman who drove 400 miles to seek an abortion in Montana. On Wednesday, the Style section was dominated by a Hesse story headlined “Lending a hand at the end of a pregnancy: Doulas offer women support during abortions.”

As with most streaming shows of late, at least the ones that try to be edgy (which means pretty much all of them), it takes a minute to process what you’ve watched sometimes. Such is the case with Netflix’s Lady Dynamite which so far tops the list of confusing and bizarre streaming shows.

It’s not enough that the media and entertainment industry give to abortion – they want other Americans to do the same. Giving Tuesday, the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, encourages Americans to donate to charitable causes amidst shopping days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Women in the media, like Melissa Harris-Perry, and in the entertainment world, like Sarah Silverman, insisted that their Twitter followers make use of the day by supporting “reproductive rights” and abortion clinics.

Just three days after running a "Style" story celebrating the sexualizing of pre-pubescent boys lathered in makeup, The New York Times gave precious space to an op-ed which told readers that the "Unexamined Brutality of the Male Libido," i.e., another phrase describing "toxic masculinity," is creating a "crisis." Actually, it's been examined and addressed by civilizations and cultures for centuries. The reason it's a serious problem now is that modern culture has rejected many mechanisms once in place to keep it under control.

On CBS’s Face the Nation, moderator John Dickerson asked his political roundtable if there were any stories they felt were not getting enough news coverage. Predictably, the liberal journalists on the panel fretted that Republican efforts on the state level to “ban abortion” and engage in “voter suppression” were happening “completely under the radar.”