In an article October 1 by Kelly Brewington, the Baltimore Sun takes Former Education Secretary Bill Bennett to task for his unusual comment on his radio show this week. The article is focused mostly on the reactions to that comment.

The reporter writes, "Democrat leaders leapt on Bennett, a prominent Republican analyst, describing his statement as the latest in a long trail of public comments by white conservatives unfairly linking blacks to crime and sexuality."

The print media is set to have a field day with William Bennett's comments regarding an outlandish book. (Touched on earlier on Newsbusters by Brent Baker and Dave Pierre.)

The former movie star, now Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, told the Sacramento Bee that he would "kill" anyone who took one of his minor daughters for an abortion without telling him.

In USA Today, reporter Jill Lawrence tackles the subject of the atheist left, and their new organization the Secular Coalition of America, but wait -- she never quite places them on the left.

In Washington Post staff writer Ceci Connolly's below-the-fold piece, "Access to Abortion Pared at State Level," Ms. Connolly tagged abortion-regulating measures passed by state legislatures recently as "antiabortion measures" and the proponents of same as "antiabortion forces." Yet a search of Nexis by contrast reveals that efforts to regulate 2nd Amendment rights of American citizens are never tagged as "anti-gun" but rather as "gun control,"the term favored by liberals who advocate strictly regulating, if not banning, gun rights.

In an August 24, 2005, article (reg. req'd), "Study Finds 29-Week Fetuses Probably Feel No Pain and Need No Abortion Anesthesia," the New York Times failed to inform its readers that the lead author of the reported study, Susan J. Lee, once worked for NARAL Pro-Choice America.

In the eyes of the MSM, Pope Benedict XVI has a problem. He's too darn . . . Catholic.

As the Pope begins World Youth Day in his native Germany, Today took the occasion to invite in Newsweek's Christopher Dickey for an oh-so-effete critique of Benedict XVI.

Interviewed by Katie Couric, Dickey first claimed that Europeans view Benedict "with some skepticism right now. People are looking at this Pope and saying what does he want to do by re-Christianizing Europe?"

Gee, and here I thought that was a Pope's job.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which is in the same city as CNN, reports:

"CNN's Jim Walton got the message people were upset with the network's airing of an ad that targeted Supreme Court nominee John Roberts. More than 10,000 messages, actually... "In a note Monday to fellow executives, Walton, the network's president, said the phone would be the only way to reach him for a while, given that his e-mail was temporarily clogged."

Last week Brent Baker posted a preview of an episode of FX’s new sit-com, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia entitled “Charlie Wants an Abortion.” This episode will re-air Wednesday night at 11:00pm EDT, but check local listings for other dates and times.

The bloggers at Get Religion (a nicely done conservative blog about religion and the news media) have posted an article for the Notre Dame Journal by Ken Woodward, the longtime religion reporter for Newsweek, exploring how averse the New York Times is in particular to the terminology of partial-birth abortion:

ABC and CBS's morning shows ignored, and NBC only ran one newsbrief item on Friday morning, about the now-pulled and patently false NARAL Pro Choice America advertisement about Supreme Court nominee Judge John Roberts.

While it should be a new low in television entertainment, it probably isn't. On tonight's (Thursday) episode of the FX cable network's sit-com, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, we'll see this, as described by the show's Web site: “Mac becomes more serious about pro-life causes when he realizes his passion for this viewpoint might get him laid. Dennis sinks to an equally low level as he uses an abortion rally as a forum for meeting chicks.”