Beginning on February 26, the news and entertainment media have fired a stunning barrage of criticism at religious beliefs, religious practice, and religious symbols. Nothing is too sacred to attack this year, not even the most crucial teachings of Judaism and Christianity.

The CBS-owned cable network is buying another season of The L Word despite its shrinking audience.

Coming out is to be praised, as is attending the world's largest lesbian party.

68 percent of Americans, including majorities in every demographic group, believe the media are contributing to moral decline.

Cohen even proposes a rationale few philosophers, or journalism professors, would embrace: that emotional truth trumps intellectual truth.

From time to time we hear about zany professors of popular culture using their academic credentials to elevate the most aggressively offensive and potty-mouthed TV shows into the Great Works of Western Civilization.

Given the Gray Lady's recent eye-opening stands on various issues, CMI Advisory Board member Jan LaRue thought that posing a few questions might help the editorial writers think more clearly.

NY Times article sums up obsession with celebrity.

Zoll writes that Cizik has been called on the carpet for trying to convince evangelicals about global warming. In fact, evangelicals leaders are concerned about what Cizik is saying to non-evangelicals.

This ad campaign doesn't address the most glaring problem with the V-chip – that even if every parent became a technological whiz with the blocking buttons, the broadcast and cable networks do an incredibly slipshod job of accurately describing potentially objectionable content with those letters that nobody knows.

Lawyer and commentator will advise, write for MRC's Culture and Media Institute

Children abstaining from sex until adulthood appears to be an alien concept in certain media circles.