I guess “Ivanka Barefoot and Pregnant in the Kitchen” was too on the nose. A live “art” installation titled “Ivanka Vacuuming” has come to DC and instead of running it out of town as sexist and demeaning, as they would if it were almost any other woman, liberals are delighted.

TV Land’s comedy Teachers took on the issue of gender-neutral bathrooms in Tuesday’s episode, “Sidelined.” There were some funny moments as the show poked fun at how over-the-top and stereotypical its most liberal teacher, Ms. Cecilia Cannon (Caitlin Barlow), can be, but of course, being a typical Hollywood show, the storyline turned out to be pro-gender-neutral bathrooms. Bear in mind that the show takes place at an elementary school, and Ms. Cannon’s class is made up of special-needs students.

During President Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address, he dedicated a few moments to slamming radical Democratic Governors Andrew Cuomo and Ralph Northam for their blatant endorsement of late term abortion and infanticide, while asserting that “All children, born or unborn, are made in the holy Image of God.” For many Americans, this was one of the best things Trump has ever said, but for some leftist celebrity women, it was about the most disturbing statement they could imagine.

In order to work in an episode that deals with racial divisions in our country, Freeforms’s Good Trouble, a spin-off of The Fosters, brought in the two lesbian moms of Callie and Mariana for a visit. Airing February 5, “Parental Guidance Suggested” brings in Lena Adams Foster's (Sherri Saum) campaign for California’s State Assembly and the racist who attacks her on the campaign trail.

The far-left’s descent into madness often involves violent spasms of hate and ugliness, and in Donald Trump’s America even the most celebrated pastimes aren’t spared from being coated in a heavy layer of scorned leftist slime. Case in point — rabid progressives’ reaction to the Patriots' Super Bowl victory. Lefty sports writer Drew Magary composed a contemptuous piece skewering “all the terrible people” who are “happy today. Fuck them, fuck the Patriots, and fuck all the terrible people right off the side of the earth.”

During his Super Bowl Sunday CBS interview with Face the Nation moderator Margaret Brennan, President Donald Trump demonstrated how he'd favorably addressed some major issues raised by the NFL's social justice warriors. Yet the Super Bowl had barely ended when media began looking for Patriots' players willing to snub the president by skipping the team's likely White House reception.

Rapper Cardi B virtue signalled HARD on Friday prior the Super Bowl, making sure to let the media know that she was actually approached to perform during the halftime show. But because she’s such a living saint, she told the associated press that she declined performing and “sacrifice[d] a lot of money” in tribute to Colin Kaepernick.


When Hollywood feminists campaign in elections, it often backfires spectacularly. In their efforts to spite Trump and the GOP, actresses campaigned for someone who used to dress in blackface.

After The Handmaid’s Tale's 2017 Super Bowl commercial was compared to "Trump's America," Hulu came back this year with an even more obvious attack on President Ronald Reagan.

From panels and press conferences to exhibits, social justice efforts were everywhere at Super Bowl 53 (see Eagles' Malcolm Jenkins, center in photo, at social justice press conference). The most controversial football player in the world hasn’t played in the NFL in two years, but Colin Kaepernick was figuratively "at" the Super Bowl. This sums up Natalie Weiner's take on the culture surrounding Sunday's Super Bowl game in Atlanta. The SB Nation writer had a bad case of social justice mania.

Sunday's Super Bowl advertising will include a high-profile, first-time player: The Washington Post. Paying in excess of $10 million for the 60-second television ad, The Post will pat itself on the back as a heroic truth-teller. Advertising doesn't get more false.

The Annual GLAAD Media Awards Nominations recently hit the internet rounds, rewarding all things gay in entertainment and journalism. Of course all the gayest staples were present in terms of movies and TV shows. Gay teen dramedy Love, Simon rounded out the list for “Outstanding Movies,” while Will & Grace, Modern Family, and Dear White People were listed as contenders for the TV nod. My money’s on Will & Grace for it’s very flam rendition of our 16th president, “Gaybraham Lincoln” and his “Lincoln log.” Really.