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CNN gave a prime exhibition of lazy journalism on Friday's The Situation Room when it touted Obama's "victory lap" because of "new ObamaCare enrollment numbers" without fact-checking to see if his optimism is warranted.

"President Obama is taking something of a victory lap I guess you could say," reported host Brianna Keilar. "At a meeting with House Democrats he praised his party for sticking it out on the debt ceiling fight and touted his administration's new ObamaCare enrollment numbers."

It's a midterm election year and MSNBC needs to do its best to whip up fear and loathing in the Democratic base, preferably with some racial angle involved. What better convenient villain than Chief Justice John Roberts and the conservative wing of the Supreme Court.

Enter Zachary Roth's February 14 article, "Voter ID cases could let John Roberts destroy Voting Rights Act," which laid out a scenario where the Voting Rights Act could be restricted if the right case worked its way up to the court (emphasis mine):

Is it really shocking for commercials to use actors? According to ABC News, yes. A headline for the article trumpeted, "Koch Brothers Ad Attacking [Democratic Senator] Mary Landrieu Uses Paid Actors." Rather than investigate the continued failings of ObamaCare, writer Jordyn Phelps hyped the fact that the commercials sponsored by the Koch brothers feature stand-ins, writing, "But the people in the emotion-evoking ad are not Louisianans at all; they are paid actors."

Phelps continued, "The ad shows a number of people, who appear to be Louisianans, opening their mail to find a letter stating that their health care policy has been cancelled because of the Affordable Care Act." The commercial features scenes of children running to a mailbox. It seems fairly obvious that such images were filmed and weren't caught accidentally.

CNN's Jake Tapper didn't ask guest Bill Maher once about his vile rhetoric against conservative women in a lengthy, two-segment interview on Friday's The Lead.

Tapper asked all soft questions of the liberal comedian who gave $1 million to President Obama's super PAC in 2012. He also brought up the Lewinsky scandal, which enabled Maher to laud Bill Clinton as "respectable" and a "great guy." This from a man who has a history of despicable vitriol against Republican women.

While all three broadcast networks provided some amount of coverage to Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai releasing 65 dangerous Taliban insurgents from prison on Thursday despite explicit U.S. objections, none of the reporting suggested President Obama's handling of the war in Afghanistan was to blame for the "tattered U.S. relations" with Karzai's government. [Listen to the audio or watch the video after the jump]

At the top Thursday's ABC World News, anchor Diane Sawyer declared "American outrage" over the release, followed by White House correspondent Jonathan Karl proclaiming: "It's another low-point for already tattered U.S. relations with President Karzai, who has been trying to get his own peace deal with the Taliban."

The Washington Post is glorifying the man who calls himself “Janet Mock” on the front of the Friday Style section, but it’s a bit puzzling. They noted the recent kerfuffle over Piers Morgan’s CNN show describing Mock as “a boy until 18" as “a ticking time bomb that later exploded on Twitter.”

But wait, Post reporter Dan Zak first wrote, “She had three goals when she was growing up as Charles Mock in Honolulu.” So she grew up as a girl named Charles, apparently. Zak celebrated this “trans woman.” Dan Zak – the smug snarkster who trashed Paul Ryan as a little boy –  is now sincerely scolding the “wider world” as “always way behind on trans issues,” as if he were the most sensitive, clued-in reporter on the planet:

Yesterday a federal district judge in Virginia invalidated the state's constitutional provision defining marriage as an institution between a man and a woman. The judge immediately stayed her decision until such time as an appeals panel could affirm or reverse it, but naturally the broadcast networks -- ABC, CBS, and NBC -- all covered the development today on their respective morning programs.

But another federal court, this one in San Francisco and infamous for its leftist leanings, handed down another ruling Thursday which passed unreported on the Friday editions of Today, Good Morning America, and CBS This Morning. That decision was one striking down California's overly-restrictive concealed-carry gun law. Reported Bob Egelko of (h/t Human Events; emphasis mine):

Never thought I'd see the day that a prominent member of the liberal media establishment praised the Prince of Darkness himself, aka Richard Milhous Nixon, and one of his liberal media cohorts agreed.

Moreover, Nixon was described favorably while being compared to the erstwhile would-be Messiah occupying the Oval Office, Barack Hussein Obama. Strange days indeed, to borrow from John Lennon, the high priest of hippies. (Audio after the jump)

Could a “childfree” life be the secret ingredient to a happy marriage? Many in the media certainly think so – and they’ve been promoting the idea more and more.

Journalists were abuzz with the topic last year after Time magazine’s cover story detailed a new British study claiming “childfree” translates to happier relationships. Lefty sites such as Slate, The Huffington Post and The Daily Beast published articles on women romanticizing their childless lives where women and experts reasoned, “I don’t enjoy alien-parasites” (aka “babies”) and “people have children to glorify their own ego,” to then call “the childfree life” “the latest version of having it all” and being the “most aware and responsible beings on the planet.” Continuing the trend, outlets such as The Guardian and CNN also joined in on the redefinition of family.

Still searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Try porn – or so recommends The Huffington Post.

Just in time for February 14, the staff at HuffPo announced, “People Who Watch More Porn Have More Sex, Survey Finds.” The finding left HuffPo “surprised,” although, for the staff, “These results back up what we already believed: that porn isn't just for men or single people, and can be a positive way for couples to connect and communicate.” The survey came from adult webcam site (now that’s an example of impartiality) and French survey institute IFOP.

NPR is branding itself for Valentine's Day with social-media Valentine's Day messages. After some seriously lame puns with names of NPR personalities, the most liberal-friendly one states "Make my world more just, verdant, and peaceful."

For NPR regulars, this is a wisecrack about the "underwriting announcement" of the leftist John D. and Catherine T. McArthur Foundation, where the announcer says on a very regular basis they are "committed to building a more just, verdant, and peaceful world" at

You know this is the story the liberal media is dying to tell: Obamacare--The Triumphant Comeback!  So like the dove returning to the Ark, there was the BBC's Katty Kay, guest-hosting today for Mika Brzezinski on Morning Joe, first to proclaim the good news.

Based on the latest enrollment numbers, Kay enthused "amazing how quickly we are starting to see the Obamacare story change its tone."  Really?  Tell us, Katty: of the people who have enrolled in Obamacare, how many have actually paid their premiums? And what percentage were healthy young people, needed to avoid an actuarial disaster?  Take your time; we'll wait.  View the video after the jump.

Associated Press reported Thursday that Facebook is caving to the LGBT (especially T) lobby in completely blurring its gender category. Users can now choose from fifty options of gender-blending instead of the allegedly archaic "gender binary" of male and female.

AP's Martha Mendoza offered one paragraph of dissent to Focus On The Family, and the rest was loaded with transgender activists, starting with the third paragraph:

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews ranted on Thursday that the GOP, the “party of Lincoln,” is becoming “the party of Jefferson Davis.”

How is the GOP becoming like the old Confederacy? For Matthews, the party is passing voting laws, and thus “grabbing every chance it can to keep minorities from the voting booth.” He lamented that Lincoln would be a RINO in today’s GOP.

The angels cried for Caroline today. How could they not, looking down from the heavens, watching the mourners pack Blessed Sacrament Church. The funeral service was attended by hundreds, those closest to her, those who knew her, and those who knew of her. Those who could not attend found time to pray for her soul. One found the time to write about her.

Her closest friends were there, and they too cried for Caroline. A number had been with her just days before, on Super Bowl Sunday, both to watch the game and to celebrate the 36th birthday of one of their own. These were friends who had met in high school or college, and 15, 20 years later they were still close, most of them now married, and with children of their own.