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A series of “miraculous” events turned Dr. Max Goodwin from an annoyed skeptic to reluctant seeker in tonight’s New Amsterdam episode, 14 Years, 2 Months, 8 Days.

Throughout the episode the crusading medical director is challenged by unexplainable miracles in the hospital, all happening while an interfaith prayer group called “Prayers for Healing” holds a prayer session in the hospital lobby.

Days after he took part in viciously attacking Trump supporters for supposedly not being able to read, CNN anchor Don Lemon finally addressed the controversy on-air, but only after it blew up across social media. During his opening monologue for Tuesday’s CNN Tonight, Lemon refuses to apologize, instead claiming he doesn't belittle people and was only laughing at the joke and didn't hear everything.

One favorite tactic of our “objective” media during the Trump impeachment is to find a clip of  the president’s legal experts expressing an opinion during the Bill Clinton impeachment in 1998 and 1999 and then showing a contrast with the present day. But this is just as easily demonstrated with the press. In both impeachments, the press flipped to whichever talking points were in use by the Democrats.

Blackish is known for being a politically and racially charged show, and this week's episode was no different. In Tuesday's episode, "Adventure to Ventura," the show compares Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old climate change activist/fanatic, to Alexander the Great, one of the world's, well, greatest and most successful military commanders in history and the teenage inventor of Braille.

On Tuesday, President Trump along with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and his challenger Benny Gantz, together announced a new peace plan to settle the decades-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It was a plan that guaranteed a two-state solution, but during their evening newscasts, CBS and NBC chastised the plan and suggested it was just a ploy to save Trump from impeachment and Netanyahu from corruption charges.

Dispensing more of her supposed invaluable expertise, MSNBC’s Deadline: White House host and Republican-turned-lefty Nicolle Wallace boasted Tuesday about the barrage of anti-Trump breaking news developments (like those about John Bolton) being akin to “volcanic eruptions” and voting against witnesses would be “political suicide.”

With witnesses in the House impeachment trial looking questionable, ABC on Tuesday lamented the Democratic strategy, lashing out at Nancy Pelosi and the House for botching the effort to remove Donald Trump. During a live interview, Senator Richard Blumenthal said of the move to not have witnesses: “They may have the votes at this moment.” An alert George Stephanopoulos noticed this and remarked that the Democrat “may have buried the lede,” adding, “He said about six sentences in they may have the votes at the moment.” 

On Sunday morning, NewsBusters shared a Saturday night segment where CNN anchor Don Lemon laughed uproariously as two guests mocked the ignorance of Trump voters. On Monday night, President Trump retweeted video of this mockery. Now Eugene Scott, a Washington Post political analyst warned of the political fallout in an piece headlined "Trump says CNN doesn’t respect rural Americans. Don Lemon’s mocking segment will prove it to them."

During NBC News live special coverage of the Senate impeachment trial on Tuesday, Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd urged Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to call President Trump as a witness and get him “under oath on this.”

While anchoring MSNBC's pre-impeachment trial coverage on Monday, Chris Matthews continued his ignoble history with analogies as he resurrected his comparison of Republicans to North Korean soldiers. This time, it came in the aftermath of revelations about former National Security Advisor John Bolton's memoir.

The hosts of The View spent time Tuesday complaining that the Republicans and Trump lawyers were conducting an unjust and even racist, trial in the Senate. Co-hosts Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin fretted that justice wouldn’t be served because Republicans wouldn't allow "smoking gun" witness John Bolton, to testify and seal the case against Trump.

On a tragic day Sunday when former NBA great Kobe Bryant and his daughter were among nine people killed in a California helicopter crash, MSNBC's Alison Morris appeared to have referred on-air to his team as the "Los Angeles N*ggers." She apologized and claimed she had actually said "Los Angeles Nakers," but Fox Sports 1's Jason Whitlock isn't buying her explanation.

Given his tendency to just say whatever comes to mind, sometimes even the liberal Chris Matthews will float comments not considered acceptable to the official MSNBC line. On Tuesday, he blurted out that “I just don’t get that argument” that Joe and Hunter Biden should be ignored at the Senate impeachment trial.

Every time the media get called out for their hateful rhetoric and smug disdain for common Americans, they double down on the despicable behavior. When the president’s eldest daughter Ivanka Trump criticized CNN for their segment over the weekend featuring host Don Lemon and hacks Wajahat Ali and Rick Wilson making fun of Trump voters as “credulous boomer rubes,” figures in Hollywood and the mainstream media viciously attacked her.

Apparently not satisfied with Chuck Todd comparing Trump defense team attorney Ken Starr to a “bank robber” on Monday, MSNBC anchor and chief legal correspondent Ari Melber turned it up to eleven on Tuesday as he compared Starr to murderous drug lord El Chapo. His panel of left-wing pundits laughed with glee at the outrageous pronouncement.