Guardian Pleads with Readers to Unfollow Trump

President Donald Trump’s much maligned Twitter account is once again under fire. 

On July 30, a Guardian article bashed the president, saying people should unfollow Trump because “there is nothing positive to be gained by following or engaging with Trump on Twitter.” The Guardian said The New York Times has also called him “the most dangerous man in Britain.” There have been over 100 stabbings in London this year alone…  

The Guardian also claimed “he is a racist” because of his “racist tweets,” of which there is no proof. But the left isn’t arguing, it’s sliming, and proof isn’t necessary. 

Hateful accounts like @unfollowTrump are still allowed on Twitter. Trump has repeatedly made the claim that Twitter is biased against him and makes it harder to “get the word out.” The Guardian says that Trump’s claims are “nonsense.”


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