Dem Candidate Yang Doesn’t Want to Break Up Google

Liberals and Conservatives do not agree on much lately, except one thing -- break up Google. 

Not presidential candidate Andrew Yang, though. Yang did formerly support breaking up the tech giant, according to ABC News. But in the last couple of weeks, the candidate has flipped his stance on the issue.

On July 19, Yang told The Hill that competition in the tech industry “would not address some of the fundamental problems.” The candidate feels that breaking up the company is a “20th century approach to a 21st century problem.” 

Tech companies stick together. In this same time frame, it just so happens that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and co-chairman of Open AI Sam Altman announced that they are getting behind Yang’s campaign. 

Yang’s background is closely affiliated with the Silicon Valley. The candidate spent over seven years building a nonprofit organization called Venture for America whose purpose is to “revitalize America.” Linkedin CEO Jeff Weiner and Silicon Valley leader Reid Hoffman have shown support for the organization. 

Google has recently been involved in many scandals, perhaps the biggest one being the University of Chicago medical scandal. The tech giant was sharing patient’s check-in and discharge dates and times with the university. Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) this is illegal. On June 26, leading plaintiff lawyer and founder of Edelson PC, Jay Edelson, told The New York Times he believes this is "the most significant health care data breach case in our nation’s history."

Yang’s plan seems like it will allow Google to repeat the pattern.

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