Google Researcher Exposes AI ‘Social Control’

Former Google researcher and public voice on AI issues Meredith Whittaker says Artificial intelligence (AI) is used for “social control” and “oppression.” Google sure has not done much to change this.

On July 16, Whittaker took a stand against Google. The former employee published an article on exposing the company saying that her presence “at the table” as an advocate to change AI’s problems was merely for looks. Whittaker has left Google to address big tech’s “ethical crisis.” 

She will be starting an organization called the AI Now Institute. The goal of this organization is to create a culture that holds the tech industry AI accountable. Whittaker says Google “isn’t a place where I can continue this work.”

Holding AI accountable is one of the most “urgent social and political (and yes, technical) questions of our time,” according to Whittaker, who’s created a map of what she thinks the industry should look like going forward.

If we stay the course we are on now, in her view, the future's not pretty.


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