Facebook Suspends Radio Host for Saying ‘Illegal Immigrant’

If it walks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, you better not call it a duck on Facebook, or you’ll end up like Ken Webster. The radio host at KPRC in Houston says he's been suspended from the platform for using the phrase “illegal immigrant.”

A July 15 Facebook post from Webster complained that Sheriff Ed Gonzalez does nothing about the “criminal illegal immigrants” that inhabit Harris County, Texas. Shortly after posting, Gonzalez came out with a Tweet saying he “just got suspended from Facebook for seven days.” 

This would not be the first time Facebook has silenced conservative media. Earlier this year senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo) demanded Facebook be investigated for its anti-conservative bias. 

Facebook has just been fined five-billion dollars for working with Cambridge Analytica to manipulate election results in the left’s favor, so it sure doesn’t seem like a coincidence that libertarian-Repubican Webster ’s account was suspended. 

Political censorship is more alive than ever. Webster simply described the status of people who entered the country illegally. Facebook has now taken it upon itself to ban simple, factual descriptions. Not Orwellian at all.


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