Facebook Using Tracking Programs to Control Reputation

If Facebook’s reputation has lost a lot of luster these last few years, it’s not for a lack of effort from executives Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg. In fact, the pair have become so “intertwined” with keeping up the company's image that they have hired hundreds of public relations employees to manage Facebook’s reputation.

According to Bloomberg, the company also collects public survey data on how the public views it, and that information “shapes what the executives say and do publicly.” 

The company’s main monitoring platform is Stormchaser, a special software program Facebook designed, to track posts about its reputation that go viral. A former staffer who worked with Stormchaser said “the initiative showed how the company prioritized projects refuting fake news about Facebook over other forms of misinformation spreading on the social network.” 

“The company now hires outside fact-checking groups to try to correct false content on its service.” The outcome has been spotty at best.

Using stormchaser means the narrative is Facebook’s to control. It owns the platform it is trying to control. 

This opens a Pandora's box for Facebook, and raises a red flag for conservatives across the country.


Facebook Technology

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