Trump: Tech Companies ‘Should Be Sued’ Over Bias

President Donald Trump says he feels “lambasted” by big social media platforms. The president views what big tech companies [Google, Facebook, Twitter] do online as an effort to make it harder to “get the word out.” 

On June 25, Trump told Fox Business, “I’ll tell you what, they should be sued because what’s happening with the bias ...  The hatred for the Republicans: It’s not even like ‘Gee! Let’s lean Democrat.” 

Plenty of other politicians have noted the platforms’ bias. In April, Texas Senator Ted Cruz said at a U.S. Senate Judiciary subcommittee hearing, “If we have tech companies using the powers of monopoly to censor political speech, I think that raises real antitrust issues.” The Justice Department is geared up investigate Google, and Facebook is creating an independent board to monitor their content control decisions. 

Republicans have long complained of lefty bias online. CNBC says, “the issue has split the nation’s major political parties, with top Democrats claiming that there’s no evidence to support the GOP gripe.” 

Some Democrats say they have their own issues with platform censorship.  Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren said that “Facebook in March removed ads that her campaign placed calling for the company’s breakup.” 

Warren said that she wants to see a social media market “that isn’t dominated by a single censor.”

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