Google Celebrates a Gender Neutral Father's Day

On June 16, Google chose to acknowledge Father’s Day with a gender-neutral doodle that an article from Summit News says “depicted a family which looked something like a cross between Teletubbies and ducks.” The link behind the doodle also led to “an article entitled ‘parenting 101’ which didn’t mention Father’s Day at all.” This is a deliberate slap to the face towards traditional fathers and those who care about their fathers everywhere.

Unfortunately, Google is not a first-time offender when it comes to giving conservatives the finger with the doodle. According to an article by the Heartland Freedom Pub, Google made a doodle celebrating “the birthday of the late Yuri Kochiyama,” a female Marxist revolutionary who advocated violence and held Mao Zedong in very high regard, and did not make one for “Milton Friedman, Billy Graham, Ayn Rand, or Ronald Reagan.” Kochiyama over Reagan? Really?

Same concept, different instance. Google taking traditional, conservative values and figures and hiding them, while glorifying progressive values and promoting liberal figures. 

The doodle could depict a father, and a link to articles on the history of Father’s day, or maybe some reminiscences of beloved dads. Instead, the article is about parenting, and the picture gender-neutral, completely overlooking and unappreciative of the men that shaped our lives. 


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