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In a conference call with the commissioners of major league sports Saturday, President Donald Trump expressed optimism that professional sports can safely resume by late summer. A critic at Deadspin sports blog, Carron J. Phillips, calls that a swing and a miss by a desperate, impeached president who has no interest in the welfare of black athletes.

MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell and the Washington Post's Philip Rucker decided on Monday to place the blame for the current pandemic on President Trump and red states by conveniently ignoring all contrary evidence that would suggest that partisan affiliation has nothing to do with the current health crisis.

It sadly appears that Apple TV+ is going to stick to shoving political agendas into its original programming. Even worse, they now seem to be dragging minors into their issues. Basically, their latest show Home Before Dark presents all the expected feminist and social justice nonsense, this time through the eyes of a little girl. There are truly no depths too low for this streaming service.

CW’s Roswell, New Mexico sure hasn’t been taking a break lately. After not one but two episodes pushing the virtues of abortion, we now jump ship to one of the great liberal strawman: the drunk redneck. It goes over about as well as a journalist at a Task Force briefing.

At Monday’s coronavirus press conference, President Trump sparred with a female reporter from the Hong Kong-based news outlet, Phoenix TV. Following her question that portrayed China as heroes coming to the aid of the United States, the President pressed her on who she worked for and whether they were in league with the communist regime. This drew outcry from American reporters such as PBS White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor and CNN national security correspondent Vivian Salama.

As per usual, HBO’s alternate history series The Plot Against America is still taking scenes set in 1941 and turning them into a comment about 2020 politics. This week may have the most direct case yet with a jab against a “booming” economy in the United States.

National Public Radio hired a new “Public Editor” or ombudsman. It’s Kelly McBride of the Poynter Institute, which counts PolitiFact as one of its projects. This is more of a merger than a straight-up hiring. McBride will maintain her position as a senior vice president at Poynter, and use Poynter staff to address the concerns of NPR listeners. Both sides of this transaction talked in high-minded language about “rigorous, fact-based and context-rich journalism,” but this is an ideological arrangement between liberals.

President Trump drew the ire of CBS Evening News and White House correspondent Weijia Jiang on Monday for daring to keep American spirits up, and letting them know there was “light at the end of the tunnel.” Citing unnamed “experts,” Jiang decried Trump’s optimism by claiming the country wasn’t even in the tunnel yet.

The World Health Organization and Global Citizen just announced a star-studded relief concert to provide some entertainment and express solidarity for folks suffering from coronavirus and the millions stuck in quarantine. Though some people, namely 63 million Trump supporters, might not feel the love from the festivities.

As the coronavirus pandemic has worsened, CNN has emphasized bleak outcomes, Trump hatefests, and venomous, tiresome Fox News-bashing the cornerstones of their coverage instead of first informing viewers and providing hope. However, one thing that these charlatans have shied away from is their own culpability, including their downplaying of the virus, barely covering it (in favor of impeachment), and even holding its March 5 upfront event (dubbed the CNN Experience) with hundreds in attendance plus an overflow room.

Two New York Times stories on Monday took two entirely different angles on how the ideologies of the American left and right are faring in the era of the coronavirus. It’s clear which one the Times thinks has failed, from the front-page headline over Jim Rutenberg’s story: “Virus Battle Shreds the Right’s Political Playbook.” The text box: “Disdain for ‘Socialism’ Collides With Crisis,” including scare quotes, as if socialism isn’t now being pushed by the Democratic Party.  Rutenberg’s piece was suffused with an undertone of gloating.

New on April 6: The near-daily White House briefings on the coronavirus pandemic are “comparable to, if not worse than, the 5 O’Clock Follies during the Vietnam era in which the Pentagon lied to the American people about the Vietnam war,” New Yorker magazine writer Susan Glasser declared Sunday on CNN. “I believe that this is Donald Trump’s version of that.”

Liberal billionaire George Soros’s millions are still being used to exploit the coronavirus in an attempt to damage President Donald Trump’s chances for re-election. A new report by Advertising Analytics found that the Soros-funded lefty group Priorities USA Action’s ad “Hoax” again dominated the TV airwaves with a whopping 1,485 airings between March 28- April 3. This again makes the group the “top advertiser for the week” for the second week in a row. When reached for comment, Advertising Analytics said that “Hoax” has aired an outrageous 2,759 times total since March 24.

Twitter has been accused of shadowbanning prominent conservatives in the past. One conservative business owner says the company is still doing it — to him.

Twitter quietly lifted its ban on coronavirus-related ads in early April, so long as companies play by a very specific set of rules.“Twitter and Google banned coronavirus-related ads in an effort to curb misinformation and stop some bad actors from trying to profit off of the crisis,” Axios summarized in its April 3 coverage. Since then, however, Twitter has refined its approach, “according to a note from Twitter sent to clients on Friday that was obtained and confirmed by Axios.” The exception now allows for ad campaigns regarding company-wide adjustments to their business model or those campaigns expressing support for customers and employees in this time of unease.