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Perhaps it was the way he arched an eyebrow. Or maybe it was the momentary twitch of his nose. Could it have been that barely seen curl of the lip?

Somehow, somehow, we must see that Chief Justice John Roberts was critical of President Donald Trump in his commencement address for ninth grade graduates at Cardigan Mountain School even though his name was not mentioned nor was there anything that could be remotely interpreted as the slightest reference to him. Such desperation to discern criticism where none existed of Trump by the Chief Justice came from Los Angeles Times editorial writer Michael McGough in his July 3 opinion piece, A Chief Justice John Roberts Jr. speech that should make Trump's ears burn.

Hulu’s Casual has turned into one big public service announcement about climate change. Last week’s episode had a 9-year-old boy announce that “Global Warming’s gonna get us,” and Tuesday’s episode, “Fresno,” called for a permanent moratorium on oil drilling for the sake of “community health.” Laura (Tara Lynne Barr) and her liberal boss, Casey (Nadine Nicole), attend a city council meeting to demand a city ban on oil drilling, following in the footsteps of Beverly Hills.

In a Monday piece, Chauncey DeVega urged “people of conscience and true patriots” to fly their American flags upside down on Tuesday, the Fourth of July, “as a collective signal of our national distress” over Donald Trump’s presidency. “America’s citizens have been traumatized,” declared DeVega, who argued that upside-down flags “would symbolize that Americans, as individuals and as a people, are much better than Donald Trump and what he represents.”

On Fox and Friends on July 3, Counselor to President Trump Kellyanne Conway cited two separate MRC studies to point out the double standard in media coverage. “In a five-week period, 353 minutes on the three networks was committed to Russia, FBI, Comey; less than a minute to tax reform,” Conway said.

American exceptionalism is on trial, and one man is pleading for her to regain her senses. Mark Levin’s new runaway bestseller Rediscovering Americanism somberly argues that the American experiment is over if the “tyranny of progressivism” is not defeated. The surveys showing such a dramatic decline in patriotism, especially among the young, indicate the progressives are succeeding.

On Friday, Bill Maher told his HBO Real Time audience he was worried that Donald Trump was "not losing" and was looking like he might get re-elected. He has incumbency, "gerrymandering," and a propaganda department: He has "basically Pravda in Fox News, in Breitbart, in Drudge."

The nation's largest Spanish-language media outlet continues to smear lawful gun owners. This time, Univision joined the rest of the establishment media's gross mischaracterization of a recent video released by the National Rifle Association.

MSNBC’s self-crowned political referee, Chuck Todd, appeared to throw in the towel on enforcing D.C.’s political rules, or at least the journalistic ones. During the first segment of Monday’s MTP Daily, Todd and his panelists whined about how the media was expected to be impartial with President Trump attacking them. “But look, two generations of us as reporters. We're trained and conditioned to don't show emotion, we're the umpires and the referees.” Todd claimed. “When somebody is insisting on making you the story, what do you do?…I struggle with it.”

Planned Parenthood has formed its first alliance with a professional sports team -- the Seattle Storm of the WNBA -- and left-stream writer Dave Zirin is ecstatic about it. Though he couldn't be angrier at the people who don't support this scandalous organization, which is under clouds and clouds of suspicion for numerous wrongdoings.

NBC News demonstrated again this morning that it's wildly anti-Trump. Check out this headline: "To Welcome Trump, Poland Taps Old Communist Party Playbook." So not only does NBC and MSNBC compare Trump to communist (and fascist) dictators, now foreign leaders who might make him look good are like communists.

During the Monday edition of CNN's New Day, co-host Alisyn Camerota got into a surly argument with Scott Taylor, a Republican Congressman from Virginia and former SEAL (Sea, Air And Land officer) regarding whether the press should give extensive coverage of the tweets posted online by Donald Trump.

Over the past five-plus months, the political media have acquitted themselves pretty well despite having to deal with a “dark, damaged” POTUS and his “gangland” administration, believes Talking Points Memo editor and publisher Josh Marshall, whose caveat is that “as long as the [media’s] effort is to try to shame Trump and his crew into appearing on camera, holding press conferences, not refusing access…there is a big limit to its effectiveness,” since that approach “amounts to begging.”   

Howard Dean appeared on Monday’s MSNBC Live with Katy Tur and went on an unhinged rant against the state of American politics. He began by first stating that, “the right has been out of step with America for a long time.” This naturally prompted the question by Tur as to why Republicans then control the presidency and Congress. Dean answered by labeling far-right Trump voters as people “with guns that want to shoot up the place” and the NRA as a “white supremacist organization.”

As Planned Parenthood seeks to capitalize off of Independence Day, it’s forgetting one vital detail: millions of Americans are missing today because of the abortion giant.

Jay-Z is not the left’s brightest intersectionalist. In his new album, 4:44, in a song called, “The Story of O.J.,” the rapper may have accused Jewish people of “owning all the property in America.”

According to Hollywood Reporter, the song, “The Story of O.J.,” is an attempt to see the world through the convicted O.J. Simpson’s eyes, using exaggerated stereotypes to tell the story. Music manager Guy Oseary claimed that the line was a compliment to the Jewish community.