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On Sunday's PoliticsNation on MSNBC, host Al Sharpton slammed President Donald Trump for recently using the term "paddy wagon," calling it an "anti-Irish ethnic slur." He then went on to absolve himself of his own long history of using ethnic slurs by vaguely admitting to doing so in the past, but by lumping himself in with everyone else as "we," as he claimed he already "corrected" his offensive comments.

As if late night television needed another liberal comedian, along comes comedian Jordan Klepper, set to host his own Comedy Central talk show that will to take aim at the average American and the “alternative” media.

Debuting on September 25 in the Colbert Report slot at 11:30pm, “The Opposition with Jordan Klepper” the new host will apparently try a new version of the Colbert shtick, as an idiot-conservative and “alternative” news correspondent, making fun of conservative media and their wacky conspiracy theories. 

Republican opposition to ObamaCare had little to do with spiraling costs, giveaways to insurance companies, or the rationing dangers and proven inefficiencies of government-run health care. According to the front of Saturday’s New York Times it all came down to anti-Obama rage. “An Angry Vow Fizzles for Lack of a Viable Plan -- After 7 Years, G.O.P. Can’t Turn Rage Into Results” was the A1 story from reporters Matt Flegenheimer, Jonathan Martin and Jennifer Steinhauer, all of whom are regular subjects at Newsbusters. It was a fitting conclusion to the NYT’s coverage of the so-far unsuccessful Republican drive to repeal the Affordable Care Act. For the last seven years Times reporters, not all of whom have a death grip on free-market principles, snidely insisted that Republicans were aligned against it not on principle, but for reasons of cruelty and anti-Obama racism (especially from the Tea Party).

Dan Steinberg of the ultra-Left Washington Post, has written about former ESPN reporter Britt McHenry, easily the most courageous conservative among the 100 people laid off in April. What I took away from his story is that if you're a conservative in the media, it's an "awakening" and you'll draw negative headlines and you don't deserve any credit for being courageous.

The Hollywood Reporter offered news from the Television Critics Association summer press tour that leftist comic Sarah Silverman has been granted a ten-part weekly variety series on Hulu titled I Love You, America. In an effort to confound expectations that this is going to be another unfunny rantfest against Trump and the Republicans – like Samantha Bee’s TBS show – Silverman claimed it would be “aggressively dumb” and not very political. Don't buy it.

On Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders read a letter from a Stockton, California boy named Dylan Harbin, whose nickname is "Pickle." Almost immediately, "Pickle Truthers" in the Trump-deranged media who couldn't imagine that a 9 year-old could really have written such a letter embarked on an exhaustive boyhunt to verify Pickle's existence.

Take your stinkin’ paws off my photo you damn dirty ape. OK, it’s not exactly Charlton Heston, but the war between Peta and a photographer isn’t Planet of the Apes either. It’s still a struggle of man vs. ape. In the original movie, apes took over after mankind had all-but wiped itself out with nuclear weapons. Today, we have worse tools at our disposal -- lawyers and eco-nuts. Alternet gave us both wrapped up in the same wacky package.

Appearing as a panel member on Saturday's AM Joy, MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson -- known for his many race-obsessed comments and his column at The Root -- fretted that, allegedly unlike white men, California Democratic Senator Kamala Harris would face questions about her "competency" if she runs for President in 2020. 

Al Gore, former vice-president, nearly president, now “climate change” multi-millionaire guru, is back in the limelight with An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, a follow up to his alarmist Powerpoint hit in 2006, An Inconvenient Truth. The headline to Ben Kenigsberg’s review in the New York Times certainly lacks journalistic cyncism: “The Latest Word From Al Gore on Climate Change.” 

What do Hollywood and Al Gore have in common? Both are obsessed with worst-case weather scenarios. Al Gore is back to scare movie goers with raging storm patterns. An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power finds the former Vice President sounding the alarm (again) about climate change.

In a since-deleted tweet, an aide to Washington State Democratic Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal claimed that President Donald Trump had ignored a "child in (a) wheelchair" who reached up "twice to shake the president's hand" after a Friday speech. It turns out that the aide, Ansel Herz, clearly engaged in the kind of "selective editing" critics claim conservative undercover journalists commit (but almost never do). 

Our very secular national media have a favorite narrative when it comes to “hate speech” and religion. Since 9/11, our national sin is “Islamophobia." Anti-Semitism continues to exist in isolated pockets, but it's so... yesterday. “Hate speech” against Muslims is now a top shelf matter for the politically concerned. Apparently only "Islamophobic news organizations" covered the protests of Jewish groups protesting two Friday sermons by imams in California calling for the elimination of the "filth" of the Jews.

The Daily Beast interviewed former Saturday Night Live star Norm McDonald about comedy, politics, and his old show. McDonald said he could not believe the over-dramatic opening of SNL right after the election, with Kate McKinnon somberly playing the piano and singing as Hillary. He thought it was absurd, that Hillary's loss would be like someone had died. He also said all the show's mockery of Trump was "playing into Trump's hands."

For years, if not decades, it's been obvious that all too many local, regional, and national journalists do everything they can to keep important details about criminal acts committed by people who are in this country illegally out of their reports. A Wednesday story written up at, the web site of the Oregonian newspaper, provides a perfect and genuinely sickening example.

Right about now, Trump hating actor T.J. Miller must be starting to regret that he burned his bridges behind him when he bad mouthed his former cast members of the hit comedy Silicon Valley when he left that show. Perhaps he thought that he was just so chock full of talent that he would be too big to fail. Well, his newest project, The Emoji Movie, has just been released and it has been universally panned. Critics hated it so much that for awhile it earned a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes (now upgraded slightly to 3%).