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Max Fisher’s regular New York Times news column “The Interpreter” offered a smug liberal lecture on the psychology of the coronavirus pandemic -- “The Infectious Danger Of Conspiracy Theories" -- even as Fisher himself spread his own smug, soothing brand of misinformation while the virus spread worldwide: "For most people, the disease is probably not particularly deadly; health officials tend to put it somewhere within range of an unusually severe seasonal flu. Even in a global pandemic, it’s expected to kill fewer people than the flu virus."

During Thursday’s Situation Room ahead of the White House Coronavirus Task Force daily briefing, CNN chief White House correspondent and carnival barker Jim Acosta twice stated how irked he was with having to take a coronavirus test in order to attend the briefing “when we know so many Americans…can’t get” tested. That was despite the clear reason for testing was so as to ensure the safety of President, Vice President, and Task Force members.

Finally, a broadcast network made China the target of their scorn when it came to the deadly coronavirus outbreak. Shockingly, CBS Evening News, via correspondent Ramy Inocencio, shared with viewers a scathing takedown of the origin of the outbreak: China and their infamous and disgusting wet markets. Beyond explaining why such markets were a spawning ground for disease, the segment relied heavily on graphic images to get the message across.

This past year of anti-Christian hate on television has been overwhelming. The faithful have been called "right-wing ding dongs," "idiots," "suckers," "mental," and "stupid people" for their belief in God. The Bible didn't remain unscathed either, it was called "male revisionist history" and said to need an "upgrade" like an iPhone. And, of course, there was a lot of sexualization of religious themes.

Imagine a Hillary Clinton fangirl dreaming of a world where Hillary is president, only to awaken and find out it's not true. CBS All-Access began streaming Season Four of The Good Fight on April 9 and uses that narrative as the storyline of the episode titled “The Gang Deals with Alternate Reality.”

Associated Press reporter Jonathan Lemire is a Morning Joe regular. His latest AP dispatch read like a New York Times editorial or an MSNBC rant. But AP didn't even put the disclaimer of "Analysis" on it. The headline was "As pandemic deepens, Trump cycles through targets to blame."

Stripper-turned-rapper Cardi B seems a tad steamed over her favorite 2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. The 27-year-old entertainer from the Bronx, New York raged against young voters, blaming them for failing the Democratic Socialist and for making it harder to prevent a second term of President Trump.

Telemundo's daily kaffeeklatsch, Un Nuevo Día, allotted close to 10 minutes to a softball interview with Bronx socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, where she faced nothing but soft questions and appeared to ditch fellow socialist Bernie Sanders less than an hour before the suspension of his presidential campaign.

The political stripes of late night hosts are bold faced in garish colors, as they share their left-wing opinions nightly. Some remarks are more striking than others in terms of their glaring partisanship. Late Show host Stephen Colbert exemplified one of those moments Wednesday night during a remote interview with now former 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders.

Under the guise of coming after violent extremists, the anti-Christian, anti-conservative Southern Poverty Law Center is coming after mainstream conservative organizations. The SPLC’s Hatewatch division released a blog “Facebook's Strategy for Taking Down Hate Groups is Spotty and Ineffective” on April 7, and it's insane. The blog slammed Facebook for “[providing] a safe haven for hate groups and extremists despite the company’s attempts to ‘stop the most egregious and dangerous groups from using its tools.’” It described fringe extremist groups, before strangely mentioning its real target — the socially conservative Free Speech Alliance member, the American Family Association (AFA).

The Washington Post continues to ruin its reputation by relying on a mix of a Soros-affiliated organization, the UN and the ADL to claim criticism of China’s handling of the coronavirus is racist. The Post’s story is headlined “As the coronavirus spreads, so does online racism targeting Asians, new research shows.” The article argued that “Fears of the coronavirus have fueled rising anti-Chinese sentiment online as a combination of traditional slurs and new terms such as ‘kungflu’ conflate the pandemic with ethnic and national identity, say social media researchers who tracked surging expressions of hostility for papers published Wednesday evening.”

No sooner had Sen. Bernie Sanders announced he was dropping out of the 2020 presidential race, did the media rush to demand his socialist policy vision live on in the Democrat party. On Thursday’s The View, the hosts also passionately urged Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden to embrace Sanders’ proposals for universal health care, saying he “has to listen” to Bernie because he’s “been proven right” in this coronavirus pandemic.

Isn't it hilarious to find out that some of the rich and famous folks who look down on you for not believing in “science” also peddle absolutely insane conspiracy theories that put people at risk? A couple of the big name Hollywood types who insist that capitalism-driven climate change is killing the planet and that climate change-denying conservatives are dangerously ignoring science, are dangerously ignoring science by pushing a wacky conspiracy theory that new high speed internet towers, not coronavirus, are causing this pandemic.

On Wednesday afternoon, shortly after socialist Senator Bernie Sanders announced he would be dropping out of the 2020 presidential race, MSNBC’s Chuck Todd hoped that the far-left lawmaker’s radical “vision” would live on and even be implemented in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

CBS This Morning hosts on Thursday eagerly promoted a new alternate reality episode of The Good Fight in which Hillary Clinton has won the 2016 election and is now president. Star Christine Baranski appeared on the show to declare this “my favorite episode that I've done in the ten years” on the series.